To ensure that all features of ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) work as expected, you must make adequate preparations before you use MPS. This topic describes the required configurations that you must complete before you use MPS.


  1. Activate MPS.
  2. Prepare an Alibaba Cloud account.
    Note The AccessKey pair of an Alibaba Cloud account is the credential for calling Alibaba Cloud APIs and is granted full permissions of the Alibaba Cloud account. Keep the AccessKey pair of your Alibaba Cloud account confidential. To prevent security threats caused by malicious uses, do not expose the AccessKey pair of your Alibaba Cloud account to external channels outside Alibaba Cloud, such as GitHub. We strongly recommend that you use the AccessKey pair of a RAM user instead of your Alibaba Cloud account to call API operations. For more information, see Use RAM to ensure security of your Alibaba Cloud resources.

    Obtain an AccessKey pair to complete identity verification so that you can call server API operations. For more information about how to obtain an AccessKey pair, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.

  3. Optional: Configure a domain name for Content Delivery Network (CDN). We recommend that you perform this operation if you want to use MPS to accelerate the delivery of content on a specified website. A domain name for CDN improves the access speed on the specified website. For more information, see Configure a domain name for CDN.
  4. Enable MPS queues as needed. For more information, see Activate or pause an MPS queue. If the MPS queues provided in the MPS console do not meet your requirements, submit a ticket to enable the type of MPS queue that you require.
  5. Optional: Bind a Message Service (MNS) topic or queue to an MPS queue if you want to receive notifications of the MPS queue. For more information, see Enable the feature for sending notifications on transcoding jobs.