Media information analysis

Operation Description
SubmitMediaInfoJob Submits a media information analysis job.
QueryMediaInfoJobList Queries the results of media information analysis jobs.

Intelligent preset template recommendation

Operation Description
SubmitAnalysisJob Submits a preset template analysis job.
QueryAnalysisJobList Queries the results of preset template analysis jobs.

Transcoding job management

Operation Description
SubmitJobs Submits a transcoding job.
CancelJob Cancels a transcoding job.
QueryJobList Queries multiple transcoding jobs at a time based on transcoding job IDs.
ListJob Queries transcoding jobs by job status, creation time range, or MPS queue.

Custom transcoding template management

Operation Description
UpdateTemplate Updates the settings of a custom transcoding template.
QueryTemplateList Queries custom transcoding templates.
SearchTemplate Searches for custom transcoding templates in the specified state.
DeleteTemplate Deletes a custom transcoding template.

MPS queue management

Operation Description
UpdatePipeline Updates the settings of an MPS queue.
QueryPipelineList Queries MPS queues.
SearchPipeline Searches for MPS queues in the specified state.

Watermark template management

Operation Description
AddWaterMarkTemplate Creates a watermark template.
UpdateWaterMarkTemplate Updates the name and settings of a specified watermark template.
QueryWaterMarkTemplateList Queries watermark templates.
SearchWaterMarkTemplate Searches for watermark templates in the specified state.
DeleteWaterMarkTemplate Deletes a watermark template.

Video snapshot job management

Operation Description
SubmitSnapshotJob Submits a video snapshot job. JPG images are to be generated.
QuerySnapshotJobList Queries the results of video snapshot jobs.

Media workflow management

Operation Description
AddMediaWorkflow Creates a media workflow.
ActivateMediaWorkflow Activates a media workflow.
DeactivateMediaWorkflow Deactivates a media workflow.
DeleteMediaWorkflow Deletes a media workflow.
UpdateMediaWorkflow Updates the topology of a media workflow.
QueryMediaWorkflowList Queries registered media workflows.
SearchMediaWorkflow Searches for media workflows.
UpdateMediaWorkflowTriggerMode Updates the trigger mode of a media workflow.

Media workflow execution instance management

Operation Description
QueryMediaWorkflowExecutionList Queries media workflow execution instances.
ListMediaWorkflowExecutions Queries all execution instances of a media workflow.

Media management

Operation Description
AddMedia Adds a media file to ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS).
DeleteMedia Deletes a media file from MPS.
UpdateMedia Updates basic information about a media file, such as the title, description, and category.
UpdateMediaCategory Updates the category of a media file.
UpdateMediaCover Updates the thumbnail of a media file.
AddMediaTag Adds a tag for a media file.
DeleteMediaTag Removes a tag from a media file.
UpdateMediaPublishState Updates the publishing status of a media file.
QueryMediaList Queries media files based on media file IDs.
QueryMediaListByURL Queries media files based on the OSS URLs of media files.

Media bucket management

Operation Description
BindInputBucket Binds an input media bucket to the media library.
BindOutputBucket Binds an output media bucket to the media library.
ListAllMediaBucket Queries all media buckets bound to the media library.