Alibaba Cloud CLI is an open source tool that is built on Alibaba Cloud SDK for Go. You can use Alibaba Cloud CLI to interact with Alibaba Cloud services and manage your Alibaba Cloud resources.

Operation guide

Method of deploying Alibaba Cloud CLI Operation guide Description
Cloud Shell (recommended) Use Alibaba Cloud CLI to manage Alibaba Cloud resources Alibaba Cloud CLI is pre-installed in Cloud Shell. If you use Cloud Shell, you do not need to manually deploy Alibaba Cloud CLI. This makes it easier to get started with Alibaba Cloud CLI. You can develop shell scripts by using Alibaba Cloud CLI to manage your Alibaba Cloud resources.
Manually deploy Alibaba Cloud CLI
  1. Install Alibaba Cloud CLI.
  2. Configure credential information in interactive mode.
  3. Call RPC API and RESTful API.
You can also deploy Alibaba Cloud CLI on an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance or an on-premises server for easy connection and management. For example, you do not need to load resources for each connection.
Note For more information about API operations, see List of operations by function.


If an error is returned after you call an API operation, you must check whether request parameters and their values are valid based on the returned error code. For more information, visit the API Error Center.