This topic describes how to upgrade the Redis version.


Detailed information

You can easily upgrade to the latest kernel version of apsaradb for Redis in the console. For more information, see upgrade the minor version and upgrade the major version.


  • For the cluster, read /write splitting, or Standard Edition disaster recovery editions, The upgrade duration depends on the data volume. The instance may be disconnected within 30 seconds and become read-only within 60 seconds.
  • For the Standard Edition non-disaster recovery architecture, the local upgrade takes effect within 5 minutes and has no impact on the Redis service. If the resources of the local server are insufficient, cross-server migration is required. The impact is the same as that for the Cluster Edition.
  • Please upgrade during off-peak hours and ensure that the application has a reconnection mechanism.
  • Minor version upgrade: Alibaba Cloud has continuously optimized the kernel of apsaradb for Redis to fix security vulnerabilities and improve service stability. You can upgrade to the latest kernel version in one click on the console.
  • Major version upgrade: Some features of apsaradb for Redis are only supported by specific engine versions. If the engine version of your instance is too earlier than this version, you can upgrade the engine version (that is, the major version) of an apsaradb for Redis instance. For example, you can upgrade the major version from Redis 2.8 to Redis 4.0.


Applicable to

  • Apsaradb for Redis