ApsaraDB for Redis is compatible with open source Redis and supports all SDKs that are compatible with the Redis protocol. ApsaraDB for Redis also provides the dedicated client TairJedis that is developed based on Jedis for ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair). TairJedis supports the integration of multiple Redis modules.

SDK Reference
Redis clients ApsaraDB for Redis is compatible with open source Redis. You can connect to ApsaraDB for Redis and open source Redis in a similar manner. Therefore, you can use a client that is compatible with the Redis protocols to connect to ApsaraDB for Redis. For more information, see Use a Redis client.
TairJedis SDK TairJedis is an ApsaraDB for Redis client that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. TairJedis supports the features of Jedis and the Redis module integration feature of performance-enhanced instances of ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair). For more information, see TairJedis client.
Note Each client has its specific errors and troubleshooting methods. We recommend that you search for errors in the official documentation of your client for troubleshooting. Alibaba Cloud collects common exceptions of the Jedis client for your reference. For more information, see Common Jedis exceptions in ApsaraDB for Redis.