ApsaraDB for Redis is compatible with open source Redis and supports all clients that are compatible with the Redis protocols. ApsaraDB for Redis also allows you to use Alibaba Cloud SDKs to manage instances.

What is an SDK?

SDK is short for software development kit. An SDK can be understood as a program library that contains a set of designed software features. The program library provides a unified API to connect to external systems and provide related capabilities.

Use SDKs

SDK type Description
OpenAPI SDKs These SDKs allow you to call API operations to manage ApsaraDB for Redis instances. For example, you can restart instances and change instance configurations. For more information, see OpenAPI SDKs.
Redis SDKs These SDKs are often integrated in clients and are used to run database commands to manage data in ApsaraDB for Redis instances. For example, you can run the SET command to set the value of a key and the GET command to obtain the value of a key. For more information, see Redis SDKs.
Note For more information about the commands that ApsaraDB for Redis supports, see Overview.


SDK type Description

If an error is returned after you call an API operation, you must check whether request parameters and their values are valid based on the returned error code. For more information, visit the API Error Center.

Redis SDKs Each client has its specific errors and troubleshooting methods. We recommend that you search for errors in the official documentation of your client for troubleshooting. Alibaba Cloud collects common exceptions of the Jedis client for your reference. For more information, see Common Jedis exceptions in ApsaraDB for Redis.