This topic provides an overview of the billable items of ApsaraDB for Redis and their prices. To create an ApsaraDB for Redis instance, you must pay the fees that are required for the selected instance type. If you enable the official edition of the audit log feature or purchase extra bandwidth for an instance that is in the Running state, you are charged additional fees.

Billable items

Billable item Description Price
When you create an instance, you can choose to be billed on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. The fees that you must pay vary based on the selected instance type. If you select the subscription billing method, the fees that you must pay also vary based on the selected subscription period. For more information, see Billing method. For more information, visit the Price Calculator page.
After you enable the audit log feature, you are charged hourly based on the storage usage and retention period of generated audit logs. Fees for audit log storage
Each instance type provides a specific amount of bandwidth. For more information, see Overview. If the bandwidth of an instance is insufficient to handle traffic peaks for events such as flash sales, you can purchase extra bandwidth without the need to change the specifications of the instance. You are charged daily based on the amount of extra bandwidth that you purchase and the duration for which the extra bandwidth is used. Fees for extra bandwidth

Fees for audit log storage

Area Region Region ID (used in API operations) Unit price (USD per GB-hour)
Asia Pacific China (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou 0.002
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai 0.002
China (Qingdao) cn-qingdao 0.002
China (Beijing) cn-beijing 0.002
China (Zhangjiakou) cn-zhangjiakou 0.002
China (Hohhot) cn-huhehaote 0.002
China (Ulanqab) cn-wulanchabu 0.002
China (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen 0.002
China (Heyuan) cn-heyuan 0.002
China (Chengdu) cn-chengdu 0.002
China (Hong Kong) cn-hongkong 0.006
Singapore (Singapore) ap-southeast-1 0.006
Australia (Sydney) ap-southeast-2 0.006
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ap-southeast-3 0.004
Indonesia (Jakarta) ap-southeast-5 0.004
Japan (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 0.004
Europe & Americas Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 0.006
UK (London) eu-west-1 0.006
US (Silicon Valley) us-west-1 0.006
US (Virginia) us-east-1 0.006
Middle East & India India (Mumbai) ap-south-1 0.004
UAE (Dubai) me-east-1 0.006

Fees for extra bandwidth

Note Extra bandwidth is billed on a daily basis. If you upgrade bandwidth multiple times in one day, you are charged for the total amount of purchased extra bandwidth on a daily basis.

For example, assume you have an instance that is deployed in the China (Hangzhou) region. In the morning, you manually purchase an extra bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s for the instance. In the afternoon, Auto Scaling (ESS) purchases an extra bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s for the instance. On that day, a total extra bandwidth of 20 Mbit/s is purchased for the instance, which costs you USD 3.

Area Region Region ID (used in API operations) Unit price (USD per MB-day)
Asia Pacific China (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou 0.15
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai 0.15
China (Qingdao) cn-qingdao 0.15
China (Beijing) cn-beijing 0.15
China (Zhangjiakou) cn-zhangjiakou 0.15
China (Hohhot) cn-huhehaote 0.15
China (Ulanqab) cn-wulanchabu 0.15
China (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen 0.15
China (Heyuan) cn-heyuan 0.15
China (Chengdu) cn-chengdu 0.15
China (Hong Kong) cn-hongkong 0.33
Singapore (Singapore) ap-southeast-1 0.33
Australia (Sydney) ap-southeast-2 0.33
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ap-southeast-3 0.23
Indonesia (Jakarta) ap-southeast-5 0.23
Japan (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 0.23
Europe & Americas Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 0.33
UK (London) eu-west-1 0.33
US (Silicon Valley) us-west-1 0.33
US (Virginia) us-east-1 0.33
Middle East & India India (Mumbai) ap-south-1 0.23
UAE (Dubai) me-east-1 0.33