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ApsaraDB for Redis:Public Errorcodes

Last Updated:Mar 20, 2023

Error code

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescriptionActions
403IncorrectDBInstanceStateCurrent DB instance state does not support this operation.The operation is not supported while the instance is in the current state. The operation is supported only if the instance is in the Running state.diagnosis
500InternalErrorThe request processing has failed due to some unknown error, exception or failure.-diagnosis
400SYSTEM.ILLEGAL_ARGUMENTInvalid LX arguments.-diagnosis
400ProxyErrorInvoke backend proxy error.The error message returned because a proxy error occurred when the backend service was called.diagnosis
403Throttling.ApiRequest was denied due to api flow control.The request is throttled. Please try again later.diagnosis
400SPEC_NOT_FOUNDThe module you purchased is illegal, please reselect.-diagnosis
400InvalidPrivateIpAddress.AlreadyUsedSpecified private IP address is already used.-diagnosis
400Unkown.ExceptionThe Request Server Is Error Or The Response Can Not Be Null.-diagnosis
400PAYFOR.CREDIT_PAY_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEInsufficient credit pay balance.-diagnosis
400DataSourceNotFoundLog data source is not exists in current env.-diagnosis
400ORDER.ABNORMAL_RESOURCE_STATUS_FOR_RENEWAbnormal resource status for renew.-diagnosis
404NotFoundOrderSpecified Instance not found valid order.-diagnosis
403HasDirectConnectionNotSupportThe instance has direct connection does not support this operation.The error message returned because the instance uses the direct connection mode.diagnosis
400InvalidBinlog.NotValidThe available binlog is not valid in recovery time.-diagnosis
404AccountNotExistsAccount not exists.-diagnosis
404NotFoundNot found.-diagnosis
400LockTimeoutThe request processing has failed due to lock timeout.The current request conflicts with another request. Try again later.diagnosis
400MissingRedisShardingUnsupportPerfItemThe metadb is missing redis sharding unsupoort command perf item.-diagnosis
400PAY.MAYI_WITHHOLDING_AGREEMENT_ILLEGALMayi user do not sign withholding agreements or no coupons at Alipay.-diagnosis
400ResourceConfigErrorCan not get center project config in resource.-diagnosis
403TaskExistsSpecified task have existed.-diagnosis
400Unknown.ExceptionThe Request Server Is Error Or The Response Can Not Be Null.-diagnosis
400VisitAopApiErrorVisit active operation service api error.-diagnosis
403ZoneMigrationError.StillingRunningZone migration task is still running.-diagnosis
400OperationDeniedVPC IP is in use, please check.-diagnosis
400CanNotAcquireLockCan't acquire lock for this operation.-diagnosis
403IncorrectDBInstanceCharacterTypeCurrent DB Instance character_type does not support this operation.-diagnosis
400MissingVpcParamThe specified parameter Vpc Params is not found.-diagnosis
403OperationDenied.AccountStatusThe operation is not permitted due to status of account.-diagnosis
400SYSTEM.SALE_VALIDATE_NO_SPECIFIC_CODE_FAILEDOrder count greater than then quota-diagnosis
400InvalidRenewalDuration.NotFoundThe specified duration does not exist.-diagnosis
400InvalidRenewalDuration.FormatThe specified duration does not valid.The specified auto-renewal duration is invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidRenewalDuration.NotSupportThe specified duration does not support this operation.-diagnosis
400InvalidOrderCharge.NotSupportThe specified order charge does not support this operation.The specified instance billing method is not supported.diagnosis
400InvalidAutoRenew.InvalidThe specified auto renewal does not support this operation.-diagnosis
400InvalidDBInstance.MalformedThe specified db instance is invalid.-diagnosis
400TargetMemoryLessThanCurrentUsedThe target instance memory size below the current instance used memory.-diagnosis
400InvalidSaleModuleFaultThe request not refer to the trade complete article. please contact customer service.-diagnosis
403InvalidPricePlanResult.NotFoundThe price plan result does not refer to the account.An error has occurred while performing a price inquiry. Submit a ticket.diagnosis
403InvalidModifyMode.FormatThe instance modifyMode is not valid.-diagnosis
404InvalidConnectionString.NotFoundThe specified connection string or network type is not found.-diagnosis
403SSLEnabledStateExistsFaultThe instance SSL state have been enabled.-diagnosis
403InvalidUserOperatorPermissionThe user permission does not support this operation.-diagnosis
403SSLDisableStateExistsFaultThe instance SSL state have been Disable.-diagnosis
403InvalidDBInstanceNetType.NotSupportedThe specified instance networkType is not supported.-diagnosis
404InvalidSecurityIPList.DuplicateThe SecurityIPList duplicatedThe IP address has already been used.diagnosis
400QuotaNotEnoughQuota not enough in this zone.The number of instances specified for this region is insufficient.diagnosis
400MissingParameterSpecified parameter is missing.-diagnosis
403MissingParameterThe input parameter OwnerId,OwnerAccount that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied.-diagnosis
403Forbbiden.SubUserThe specified action is not available for you.The user does not have the permissions to perform the operation.diagnosis
403Forbidden.RAMUser not authorized to operate on the specified resource, or this API doesn't support RAM.-diagnosis
403Forbedden.NotSupportRAMThis action does not support accessed by RAM mode.RAM users are not allowed to perform the operation.diagnosis
403Forbidden.RiskControlThis operation is forbidden by Aliyun Risk Control system.The operation is denied by the Alibaba Cloud Risk Control system.diagnosis
503ServiceUnavailableThe request has failed due to a temporary failure of the server.A temporary error has occurred on the server while processing the request.diagnosis
400CommodityVerifyFailYour account status check has failed, it may fall into following condition: 1. Insufficient fund available. 2. Personal ID yet verified. 3. Financial account is ineligible for purchase per item. 4. Your payment channel is not valid.-diagnosis
400InsufficientBalanceYour account does not have enough balance.Your account balance is insufficient. Add funds to your account and try again.diagnosis
400IdempotentParameterMismatchRequest uses a client token in a previous request but is not identical to that request.The current request uses a token that was already used in a different request.diagnosis
403RealNameAuthenticationErrorYour account has not passed the real-name authentication yet.Your account has not completed real-name verification.diagnosis
400CreateOrder.FailedCreate order failed.Failed to create the order.diagnosis
400LxCreateOrderFailedLx create order faiedThe Lingxiao system failed to create the order.diagnosis
400InvalidParameterThe instance name is invalid.diagnosis
404Forbidden.InstanceNotFoundThe specified Instance is not found, so we cann't get enough information to check permission in RAM.-diagnosis
404InvalidInstanceId.NotFoundThe InstanceId provided does not exist in our records.The instance does not exist in the records. Call the DescribeInstances operation to query the instances that belong to the account.diagnosis
404InvalidCapacity.NotFoundThe Capacity provided does not exist in our records.The specified instance capacity is invalid.diagnosis
404InvalidStatus.NotFoundThe Status provided does not exist in our records.The operation is not supported while the instance is in the current state.diagnosis
404InvalidRegion.NotFoundThe RegionId or ZoneId provided does not exist in our records.The specified region ID or zone ID does not exist in the records. Call the DescribeRegions operation to query the most recent region or zone list.diagnosis
400IncorrectPasswordThe Password provided is not correct.The specified password is incorrect.diagnosis
400InvalidZoneId.NotFoundThe ZoneId provided is invalid.The specified zone ID is invalid. Call the DescribeRegions operation to query the most recent zone list.diagnosis
400InvalidParameterThe specified parameter "InstanceName" is not valid.The instance name is invalid.diagnosis
400QuotaExceed.AfterpayInstanceLiving afterpay instances quota exceeded.The maximum number of instances has been reached.diagnosis
403Forbidden.NotAdminUserUser not authorized to operate on the specified API as you are not the administrator.Your account is not an administrator account and does not have the permissions to call the API operation.diagnosis
403Forbbiden.NotInvitedUserUser not in the invitation list.The account is invalid.diagnosis
400ServiceNotSupportedThe specified service is not supported.The specified service is not supported.diagnosis
400InvalidPreferredBackupTime.FormatSpecified preferred backup time is not valid.The backup time is invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidBackupType.FormatSpecified backup type is not valid.The backup type is invalid. Valid values: Auto and FullBackup. Default value: Auto. If you set the backup type to Auto, ApsaraDB for Redis automatically performs a full data backup or incremental data backup. If you set the backup type to FullBackup, ApsaraDB for Redis performs a full data backup.diagnosis
400InvalidBackupMethod.FormatSpecified backup method is not valid.The specified backup method is invalid. Valid values: Logical and Physical. Default value: Physical. Logical backups are not supported for ApsaraDB for Redis instances in which no databases exist. SQL Server supports only physical backups.diagnosis
400BackupJobExistsA backup job already exists in the specified DB instance.The instance already has a running backup task. Wait until the backup task is completed and try again.diagnosis
400InvalidDB.NotFoundSpecified db does not exist or DB status does not support.The database does not exist, or the operation is not supported while the database is in the current state.diagnosis
400BackupTimesExceededExceeding the daily backup times of this DB instance.-diagnosis
400ParameterLeastAssociateMust input at least one optional parameter.At least one optional parameter must be specified.diagnosis
400InvalidBackupRetentionPeriod.MalformedSpecified backup retention period is not valid.The specified backup retention period is invalid. Backup data can be retained for 7 to 730 days.diagnosis
400InvalidPreferredBackupPeriod.MalformedSpecified backup period is not valid.The backup cycle is invalid. Valid values: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.diagnosis
400InvalidBackupOASRetentionPeriod.MalformedSpecified backup OAS retention period is not valid.The specified OAS backup retention period is invalid. Backup data can be retained for 7 to 730 days.diagnosis
400IncorrectDBInstanceTypeCurrent DB instance type does not support this operation.The operation is not supported while the instance has the current category. Read-only instances can be cloned and backed up.diagnosis
400InvalidKey.MalformedSpecified key is not valid.The key is invalid.diagnosis
400SignatureNonceUsedSpecified signature nonce was used already.The specified signature has been used.diagnosis
400ILLEGAL_ARGUMENTcommodityCode is blank.The commodityCode parameter must be specified. The QueryCommodity field is used to query commodities and the QueryPrice field is used to query prices.diagnosis
400LX_CENTER_GET_COMMODITY_ERRORGet commodity from lx system error.The product information cannot be obtained because an error has occurred on the Lingxiao system.diagnosis
400INQUERY_ORDER_FEE_FAILEDQuery price error.The inquiry failed.diagnosis
400GET_COMMODITY_FAILEDGet commodity failed.Failed to obtain the product information.diagnosis
400QUERY_PRICE_RESPONSE_ERRORGet price failed.Failed to obtain the price.diagnosis
400ACCOUNT_BOOK_INSUFFICENT_BALANCEAccount book does not have enough balance.Your account balance is insufficient. Add funds to your account.diagnosis
400SYSTEM.UNKNOWN_ERRORThe request processing has failed due to some unknown error.An unknown error has occurred.diagnosis
400SYSTEM.SYSTEM_ERRORLx system error.A system error has occurred.diagnosis
400RISK.RISK_CONTROL_REJECTIONOperation is rejected for risk control.The operation has been disabled due to risk management.diagnosis
400AUTH.RAM_AUTH_FAILEDAuthorization failed for sub account.The permissions cannot be granted to the RAM user.diagnosis
400COMMODITY.INVALID_COMPONENTComponent choosed is not valid, please re choose it again.-diagnosis
400PRICE.INQUIRY_FAILEDQuery price error.Failed to obtain the price.diagnosis
400InvalidInquiryPriceParamFaultThe request not refer to the correct order price param. please contact customer service.The order price is incorrect. Submit a ticket.diagnosis
400InvalidPriceTaxingFaultThe taxing price is not correct. please contact customer service.An error has occurred while performing a price inquiry. Submit a ticket.diagnosis
400InvalidPricePlan.NotFoundThe price plan tree does not refer to the accountThe price plan is not applicable to the account.diagnosis
400ORDER.INST_HAS_UNPAID_ORDERCurrent instance has unpaid order.Your account has unpaid orders for the instance.diagnosis
400ORDER.INST_HAS_UNSETTLED_BILLSCurrent instance has unsettled bills.The account has unpaid orders for the instance.diagnosis
400ORDER.INSTANCE_HAS_INACTIVE_CHANGECurrent instance has inactive change action.The instance has operations in progress.diagnosis
400ORDER.ACCOUNT_STATUS_ILLEGALCurrent account status is illegalYour account state is invalid.diagnosis
400ORDER.BID_USER_ORDER_FORBIDDENBid account is not allowed to do this actionThe operation cannot be performed by using a BID account.diagnosis
400ORDER.PERIOD_INVALIDPeriod to buy is not valid.The specified subscription period is invalid.diagnosis
400ORDER.QUANTITY_INVALIDQuantity to buy is not valid.The specified purchase quantity is invalid.diagnosis
400ORDER.SYS_CONSTRAINT_INVALIDSystem constrains faild.The order system constraint is invalid.diagnosis
400ORDER.NOT_ENOUGH_ACTIVITY_STOCKDoes not have enough activity stock.Insufficient resources are available.diagnosis
400ORDER.ORDER_AMOUNT_ILLEGALCurrent order's amount is illegal.The order amount is invalid.diagnosis
400PURCHASE.PURCHASE_QUERY_FAILEDQuery purchase failed.Failed to obtain the purchase record.diagnosis
400PURCHASE.NO_VAILD_PURCHASEDose not have valid purchase.The purchase is invalid.diagnosis
400PRODUCT.INSUFFICIENT_STOCKDose not have enough resource.Insufficient resources are available.diagnosis
400PRODUCT.NOT_AVAILABLE_IZAvailable iz is not valid.The zone is invalid.diagnosis
400PAY.QUERY_QUOTA_BOOK_FAILEDPay failed for querying quota book failed.Failed to obtain the quota.diagnosis
400PAY.PAYMENT_PARAMETER_ INVALIDPay failed for payment parameter not failed.The payment parameter has an invalid value.diagnosis
400PAY.GET_PAY_URL_ERRORPay failed for getting pay url error.The payment URL is incorrect.diagnosis
400PAY.NO_CREDIT_CARDPay failed for no credit card.No credit cards are added to the account.diagnosis
400PAY.CURRENCY_INCONSISTENCYPay failed for currency inconsistency.The system does not support the currency with which you are attempting to pay for the order.diagnosis
400PAY.CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORTEDPay failed for currency not supported.The currency is not supported.diagnosis
400PAY.AMOUNT_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDPay failed for amount limit exceed.The order amount exceeds the upper limit.diagnosis
400PAY.INVALID_AMOUNTPay failed for invalid amount.The order amount is invalid.diagnosis
400PAY.USER_DECLINEDPay failed for user has declined.The order has been cancelled.diagnosis
400PAY.COUPON_NOT_MEET_CONSUMPTION_RULEPay failed for coupon not meet consumption rule.The coupon does not meet consumption rules.diagnosis
400PAY.TAX_CALC_FAILEDPay failed for tax calculate failed.An error has occurred while performing tax calculation.diagnosis
400PAY.ACCOUNT_BOOK_NOT_EXISTPay failed for account book not exist.The bill does not exist.diagnosis
400PAY.STORED_CARD_NOT_EXISTPay failed for stored card not exist.The memory card does not exist.diagnosis
400PAY.COUPON_NOT_EXISTPay failed for coupon not exist.The coupon does not exist.diagnosis
400PAY.WITHHOLDING_AGREEMENT_ILLEGALPay failed for withholding agreement illagal.Your account balance is insufficient to make the payment.diagnosis
400PAY.REFUND_FAILEDPay failed for refund failed.An error has occurred while refunding.diagnosis
400PAY.INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEUser attempted to create a new order.but user account balance is insufficient.You have insufficient balance in your account.diagnosis
400PAY.INVALID_CREDIT_CARDPay failed for credit card invalid.The credit card is invalid.diagnosis
400PAY.PAY_ORDER_FAILEDPay order failed.Failed to make the payment for the order.diagnosis
400AllocateVpcIp.NotEnoughIp resource is not enough-diagnosis
400Zone.NotSupportSpecified zone does not support creating with instance class.The category of the instance is not supported by the specified region.diagnosis
400MissingClassCodeCapacity or InstanceClass is mandatory for this action.The Capacity or InstanceClass parameter is required.diagnosis
400MissingCapacityCapacity is mandatory for this action.The Capacity parameter must be specified.diagnosis
400ChargeTypeViolationThe operation is not permitted due to charge type of the instance.The operation is not supported by pay-as-you-go instances. Check the billing method of the instance.diagnosis
400Bid.NotMatchCallerBid and ownerId's bid is not match.The specified CallerBid value and ownerId value do not match.diagnosis
400VpcVerifyErrorVpcId is wrong.UnsupportedParameter.The VPC ID is invalid.diagnosis
400Task.ConflictCurrent instance has unfinished task(buy or modify spec).The instance has a running task.diagnosis
400InstanceType.NotValidCurrent instance type does not support this operation.The operation is not supported while the instance has the current category. Read-only instances can be cloned and backed up.diagnosis
400VPCERROR.NOT_ENABLEDVPC is not enabled in this zone.The VPC service is unavailable in the current region.diagnosis
400DefaultVpc.NotSupportThe default vpc create is not support.A default VPC cannot be created.diagnosis
404InvalidDBInstanceClass.NotFoundSpecified DB instance class is not found.The instance type is invalid. Check the instance type.diagnosis
400InvalidDBInstanceName.DeletedThe specified DB instance is deleted.The instance has been deleted.diagnosis
400IncorrectDBInstanceLockModeCurrent DB instance lock mode does not support this operation.The operation is not supported while the instance is being locked.diagnosis
400InvalidParameters.FormatSpecified parameters is not valid.The specified parameters are invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidBackupSetID.NotFoundSpecified backup set ID does not exist.The specified backup ID does not exist. Call the DescribeBackups operation to query backup IDs when you want to clone an instance.diagnosis
400InsufficientResourceCapacityThere is insufficient capacity available for the requested instance.The requested instance does not have sufficient capacity.diagnosis
400InvalidUser.NotFoundSpecified user does not exist.The specified account does not exist.diagnosis
400InvalidParameterCombinationThe end time must be greater than the start time.The end time must be later than the start time. For example, you can set the start time to 2011-05-30 T12:11:20Z and set the end time to 2011-06-08 T12:09:20Z.diagnosis
400InvalidEndTime.FormatSpecified end time is not valid.The specified end time is invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidClassicExpiredDays.FormatThe specified classicExpiredDays format is not valid.The classicExpiredDays value is invalid. During network type switching, classic endpoints can be retained for 1 to 60 days and are retained for 7 days by default.diagnosis
400IncorrectBackupSetStateCurrent backup set state does not support operations.The operation is not supported while the backup is in the current state.diagnosis
400InvalidSecurityIPList.FormatSpecified security IP list format is not valid.The specified secure IP addresses are invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidPasswordFreeWhiteListCIDRSpecified cidr is forbidden when set password free.The IP address is included in a whitelist of an instance when password-free access within a VPC is being enabled for the instance.diagnosis
400CLIENT.WRONG_STATUSBLS Wrong status.An error has occurred on the disaster recovery system.diagnosis
400CLIENT.GENERAL_ERRORBLS error.An error has occurred on the disaster recovery system.diagnosis
400CLIENT.INSTANCE_ID_NOT_FOUNDInstanceId not foundFailed to find the instance.diagnosis
422CLIENT.UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITYUnprocessable Entity.The request cannot processed.diagnosis
400CLIENT.WRONG_STATUS_STATUSSource instance's tatus does not support this operation.The operation is not supported while the source instance is in the current state.diagnosis
400CLIENT.PRODUCT_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUNDProduct's template not found.Failed to find the product template.diagnosis
400CLIENT.MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMMissing required param.The required parameter must be specified.diagnosis
400CLIENT.DST_INST_SAME_AS_SRC_INSTDestination InstanceId is the same as source InstanceId.The specified source and destination instances are the same.diagnosis
400CLIENT.UNSUPPORTED_ENGINE_TYPEUnsupported engine type.The engine type is not supported.diagnosis
400CLIENT.UNSUPPORTED_PRODUCTUnsupported product.The product is not supported.diagnosis
400CLIENT.CREATE_BACKUP_JOB_ERRORCreate backup job errorFailed to create the backup task.diagnosis
400CLIENT.ALREADY_BOUND_TO_REPLICA_ERRORSource InstanceId already bound to a replica.A disaster recovery channel has already been added to the source instance.diagnosis
500SERVER.INSTANCE_ID_NOT_FOUNDInstance not found.Failed to find the instance.diagnosis
500SERVER.WFE_ERRORWorkflow engine error.An error has occurred on the workflow engine.diagnosis
500SERVER.CREATE_BACKUP_JOB_ERRORCreate backup job error.An error has occurred while creating the backup.diagnosis
500SERVER.CLONE_INSTANCE_JOB_ERRORClone instance job error.Failed to clone the instance.diagnosis
500SERVER.PRODUCT_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUNDProduct's profile template not found.The product overview template cannot be found.diagnosis
400InvalidActionSpecified action is not valid.The specified operation is invalid.diagnosis