This topic describes how to view the resource metrics and engine metrics of an ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server instance in the ApsaraDB RDS console.


  1. Visit the RDS instance list, select a region above, and click the target instance ID.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Monitoring and Alerts.
  3. On the Standard Monitoring tab, click Resource Monitoring or Engine Monitoring and specify a time range. Then, view the metrics that appear. The following table describes the metrics.
    Monitoring type Metric Description
    Resource Monitoring Disk Space (MB) The disk usage of your RDS instance. The disk usage provides the following information:
    • Instance Size
    • Data Usage
    • Log Size
    • Temporary File Size
    • Other system file size

    Unit: MB.

    IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) The number of input and output operations that are performed per second. Unit: times/second.
    Total Connections The total number of connections that are established to your RDS instance.
    MSSQL Instance CPU Utilization (percentage in the operating system: %) The CPU utilization of your RDS instance. The CPU utilization includes the CPU utilization for the operating system that is used.
    SQL Server Average Input/Output Traffic (KB/s) The inbound and outbound traffic of your RDS instance per second. Unit: KB.
    Note To provide bandwidth usage that is more accurate, ApsaraDB RDS allows your RDS instance to collect traffic statistics from the network interface controllers of Windows operating systems. This is supported only when your RDS instance runs the RDS Basic Edition, High-availability Edition, or Cluster Edition in a Windows operating system.
    Engine Monitoring Average Transaction Frequency The number of transactions that are processed per second.
    Average QPS The number of SQL statements that are executed per second
    Buffer Hit Ratio (%) The percentage of read queries that are hit in the buffer pool.
    Page Write Frequency at Check Point The number of checkpoints that are written to pages per second.
    Login Frequency The number of logons to your RDS instance per second.
    Average Frequency of Whole Table Scans The number of full table scans that are performed per second.
    SQL Compilations per Second The number of SQL statements that are compiled per second.
    Lock Timeout Times/s The number of lock time-outs that occur per second.
    Deadlock Frequency The number of deadlocks that occur per second.
    Lock Wait Frequency The number of lock waits that occur per second.