This topic describes how to view the resource and engine metrics of an ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL instance in the ApsaraDB RDS console.


  1. Visit the RDS instance list, select a region above, and click the target instance ID.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane of the page that appears, click Monitoring and Alerts.
  3. On the Standard monitoring tab, specify a time range. Then, you can view the metrics that appear. The following table lists the metrics that are monitored when different PostgreSQL versions and RDS editions are used.
    PostgreSQL version and RDS edition Monitoring type Metric
    PostgreSQL 10 on RDS High-availability Edition with local SSDs, PostgreSQL 10 on RDS Basic Edition, and PostgreSQL 9.4 Resource monitoring Memory Usage
    CPU Utilization
    Disk Space
    Total Connections
    PostgreSQL 10 on RDS High-availability Edition with standard or enhanced SSDs, PostgreSQL 11, PostgreSQL 12, and PostgreSQL 13 Resource monitoring CPU Utilization
    Memory Usage
    Data Disk IOPS
    Data Disk Usage
    Disk Space Used (MB)
    Engine monitoring Connections
    Operation Rows
    Longest Bloat Duration (s)
    Latency (Bytes)
    Slow Queries
    Long-running Transactions
    2PC Transactions