Database Autonomy Service (DAS) provides the storage analysis feature. This feature helps you identify and resolve storage exceptions at the earliest opportunity to ensure the stability of an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance.


Your RDS instance runs one of the following MySQL versions and RDS editions:
  • MySQL 8.0 on RDS High-availability or Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL 5.7 on RDS High-availability or Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL 5.6 on RDS High-availability Edition
  • MySQL 5.5 on RDS High-availability Edition

Background information

The storage analysis feature allows you to view the disk usage of your RDS instance, the number of remaining days for which disk space is available, and the storage usage, fragmentation, and exception diagnostic results of a table.

Navigate to the Storage Analysis tab

  1. Access RDS Instances, select a region at the top, and then click the ID of the target RDS instance.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Database Autonomy Service (CloudDBA) > Diagnostics.
  3. Click the Storage Analysis tab.
    Storage Analysis tab
    Note For more information, see Storage analysis.