This topic describes the functional modules that are provided by AliPG.


Category Functional module Description
Account permission rds_superuser The rds_superuser role is a type of intermediate account between standard accounts and superuser accounts. The accounts that are assigned the rds_superuser role are called privileged accounts. To ensure security on the cloud, AliPG does not provide superuser accounts. However, AliPG provides the rds_superuser role. The rds_superuser role does not have the sensitive security permissions that superuser accounts have. The rds_superuser role has the permissions to create and delete plug-ins, create and delete standard and privileged accounts, access and manage all of the tables that are created by standard accounts, and close connections.
Spatio-temporal database engine Ganos Ganos is a spatio-temporal database engine that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. Ganos provides a series of data types, functions, and stored procedures to efficiently store, index, query, analyze, and compute spatio-temporal data.
External data reads and writes oss_fdw The oss_fdw plug-in supports data migration and hot and cold data separation. You can load data from Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets to RDS instances. You can also write data from RDS instances to OSS buckets.
Concurrency control (CCL) pg_concurrency_control The pg_concurrency_control plug-in controls the concurrency of transactions, SQL queries, stored procedures, and data manipulation language (DML) operations. This plug-in allows you to customize large queries, which expedites the execution of highly concurrent workloads.
Failover slot Failover Slot In open source PostgreSQL, logical slots cannot be automatically switched over to the new primary RDS instance in the event of a primary/secondary switchover. As a result, logical subscriptions are disconnected. In AliPG, the failover slot feature allows ApsaraDB RDS to synchronize all logical slots from the primary RDS instance to the secondary RDS instance. This prevents the disconnection of logical subscriptions.
Bitmap function extension varbitx The varbit plug-in of open source PostgreSQL supports only simple BIT-type operation functions. The varbit plug-in is an extension of the varbit plug-in. The varbit plug-in is provided in AliPG to support more BIT-type operations in more scenarios. These scenarios include real-time user profile recommendation, access control advertising, and ticketing.
Vector search PASE PASE is a high-performance vector search index plug-in that is developed for AliPG. The PASE plug-in uses IVFFlat and Hierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW), which are well-developed, stable, and efficient approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) search algorithms. These algorithms are used to query vectors from PostgreSQL databases at high speeds. The PASE plug-in does not support the extraction or output of feature vectors. You must retrieve the feature vectors of the entities that you want to query. The PASE plug-in only implements a similarity search among a large number of vectors that are identified based on retrieved feature vectors.
Log query log_fdw The log_fdw plug-in queries logs from external tables.
Availability Protection levels You can set the protection level of an ApsaraDB RDS instance based on your business requirements. This setting allows you to improve the availability and performance of your RDS instance.
Security Security hardening A security hardening module is built-in to improve custom views, enhance the security of the functions that you call, prevent security traps, and avoid the security vulnerabilities that are detected in open source PostgreSQL.


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