This topic describes how to configure automatic storage expansion for an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance.


  • The RDS instance runs RDS High-availability Edition and uses standard SSDs or enhanced SSDs (ESSDs).
  • The balance in your Alibaba Cloud account is sufficient for the expansion.
  • Your RDS instance is in the Running state.


  1. Access RDS Instances, select a region at the top, and then click the ID of the target RDS instance.
  2. In the Usage Statistics section of the page that appears, click Settings to the right of Automatic Storage Expansion.
  3. Configure the following parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Automatic Resource Scalability The switch that is used to enable or disable automatic storage expansion.
    Available Storage Threshold<= The threshold based on which ApsaraDB RDS triggers an automatic storage expansion. The threshold is expressed as a percentage. If the storage usage reaches the threshold, ApsaraDB RDS increases the storage capacity of the RDS instance.
    Note The maximum amount of storage that you can expand is the largest value among the following values:
    Maximum Storage The maximum storage capacity that is allowed for an automatic storage expansion. The value of this parameter must be greater than or equal to the current storage capacity of the RDS instance.
  4. Click Confirm.

Related operations

Operation Description
ModifyDasInstanceConfig Configures automatic storage expansion.