This topic provides an overview of the backup feature supported by ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL. This feature allows you to restore historical data with ease.


  • Automatic backup: performed by the system on a regular basis. You can specify the time when automatic backups are performed. Automatic backup files contain all the data of an instance.
  • Manual backup: manually initiated at any time. You can choose to back up the whole instance or specific databases or tables.
For more information, see Automatic and manual backups.


ApsaraDB RDS provides data backup and log backup.
  • Data backup: The system backs up data in the instance and generates backup sets. You can restore data to the time point when a backup set is created.
  • Log backup: After log backup is enabled, you can restore data to any point in time within a specific time range based on data and log backup files.

    For example, if a data backup set of an instance is created at 00:00:01 on January 1, 2021 and log backup is enabled, you can restore data to any second since 00:00:01 on January 1, 2021.

Storage location

Data and log backup files of your ApsaraDB RDS instance are stored by Alibaba Cloud and do not consume the storage capacity of your instance.

Data and log backup files of an ApsaraDB RDS instance are stored in the same region, but not necessarily in the same zone as the instance. For information about how to store the backup files in another region, see Back up an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance across regions.



  • Backup operations of an ApsaraDB RDS instance on High-availability Edition or Enterprise Edition are performed on the secondary instance. Therefore, they do not occupy CPU resources of the primary instance or affect its performance.
    Note In rare cases when the secondary instance is unavailable, backups are performed on the primary instance.
  • If an ApsaraDB RDS instance runs the RDS Basic Edition, it stands alone without a standby. All backups are performed on the instance. In this case, the performance of the instance decreases during a backup.