This topic introduces the basic concepts of ApsaraDB MyBase.

Term English Description
Region Region The geographic location of a data center. You must specify a region when you create a host or a database instance. You cannot change the region after the creation.
Zone Zone A physical area where an independent power grid and an independent network are provided within a region. The network latency between instances within the same zone is shorter than that between instances in different zones.
ApsaraDB MyBase Dedicated Cluster A cluster that consists of multiple hosts in the same region. A dedicated cluster provides you exclusive resources. You can deploy multiple database instances in a dedicated cluster. Hosts in a dedicated cluster can reside in different zones but cannot reside in different regions. For more information, see Create a dedicated cluster.
Host Host A virtual server. For more information, see Create a host.
Instance Instance An instance is a virtual database server. You can create and manage multiple databases in an instance. For more information, see Create an instance.
Image Image Provides the operating system of a host. The Linux and Windows Server operating systems are supported.
Virtual private cloud (VPC) Virtual Private Cloud A logically isolated private network that is deployed based on Alibaba Cloud. You can configure private IP address ranges, routing tables, and gateways for VPCs.