This topic describes the mechanisms and benefits of ApsaraDB MyBase.

An ApsaraDB MyBase dedicated cluster consists of multiple hosts. If your hosts use local SSDs, you are charged only for the hosts and your database instances that run on the hosts do not incur storage fees. You can deploy database instances on the hosts based on your business requirements. You can also specify an overcommit ratio for a specific type of resource to maximize resource utilization and improve cost-effectiveness. You can deploy multiple hosts in an ApsaraDB MyBase dedicated cluster. A dedicated cluster is a dedicated cloud resource pool. In a resource pool, you can deploy databases that run the MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL engines. You can also manage your databases in a centralized manner. ApsaraDB MyBase can help you make full use of your host resources. If specific hosts in a dedicated cluster are idle and other hosts have excessive workloads, you can configure the system to migrate databases from the hosts that have excessive workloads to the idle hosts. This way, loads are balanced among all hosts. The following section provides a comparison between ApsaraDB MyBase databases and self-managed databases:

Advantages of ApsaraDB MyBase databases compared with self-managed databases

ApsaraDB MyBase databases provide the same features that are provided by self-managed databases. ApsaraDB MyBase databases also provide more benefits compared with self-managed databases. For more information, see Advantages of ApsaraDB MyBase over self-managed databases.

Advantages of ApsaraDB MyBase hosts

ApsaraDB MyBase provides the same features that are provided by self-managed databases and platform as a service (PaaS) databases such as RDS databases. ApsaraDB MyBase hosts also provides advanced features. ApsaraDB MyBase provides the following benefits:

More flexible resource scheduling

If you want to maximize the utilization of your host resources, you can allocate hosts in a dedicated cluster based on your business requirements. When you create a dedicated cluster, you can set the resource allocation policy to Balanced Allocation or Compact Allocation. The system automatically deploys new database instances in the cluster based on the policy that you specify. After the dedicated cluster runs for a specific period of time, you can reallocate hosts based on your business requirements. You can migrate a database instance from a host to another host in the dedicated cluster or migrate all database instances that are deployed on a host to other hosts.

More permissions

ApsaraDB MyBase supports more database permissions and OS permissions and also ensures the security of your databases. ApsaraDB MyBase allows you to run system commands, and read and write files to meet your O&M requirements. You can log on to a host from a bastionhost. This helps ensure the security of the host.

More cost-effective

ApsaraDB MyBase provides improved user experience and helps you reduce costs. Compared with self-managed databases, ApsaraDB MyBase can help you reduce monthly costs by approximately 50%.

Advanced database services for enterprises

ApsaraDB MyBase is integrated with the AliSQL and Tair kernels that are developed by Alibaba Cloud to provide database services for enterprises. This ensures the high stability, high performance, and high availability of ApsaraDB MyBase databases. ApsaraDB MyBase also provides features, such as the backup and restoration feature and the audit feature, to ensure that databases can run in a stable, secure, and efficient manner.