This topic describes how ApsaraDB MyBase helps Knowbox migrate business to the cloud in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Background information

Knowbox is a well-known AI education company in China. The company is committed to building an intelligent education ecosystem for campus teaching and homework tutoring. Knowbox provides series products of teaching tools that cover the widest range of public school teachers and students in mainland China. Knowbox also provides AI-enabled personalized and adaptive learning services for students.


  • Knowbox deploys databases on UCloud. This requires many hardware resources and features low resource utilization. Therefore, the cost is increasingly high.
  • Maintenance workloads are heavy. This pushes up the labor cost.
  • The online education business has obvious and frequently-changed peaks and troughs, but on-premises databases cannot be dynamically scaled and are intrusive to the business.
  • The workloads of core business databases are growing with the rapid development of online education. The database performance must be optimized and enhanced.


Knowbox deploys its core primary school and online school business in ApsaraDB MyBase. This way, Knowbox can create different ApsaraDB RDS instances on the hosts, configure overcommitment ratios to maximize resource utilization, and build different database architectures to cater to different scenarios. These database architectures provide capabilities such as read/write splitting and short-lived connection optimization. ApsaraDB MyBase also grants the operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel of Knowbox the permissions on databases and host operating systems so that Knowbox can independently manage its databases.


  • Knowbox only uses 36 hosts in the dedicated cluster to carry database business. This reduces more than 60% of the host usage compared with the UCloud solution that uses 100 servers. The configuration of overcommitment ratios improves resource utilization and reduces hardware and O&M costs. Therefore, the overall cost is reduced.
  • All the databases that carry the core primary school and online school business are smoothly migrated to Alibaba Cloud within 45 days. ApsaraDB MyBase delivers the same user experience as on-premises databases. Knowbox can independently perform O&M operations on cloud databases.
  • The dedicated cluster does not change the O&M mode of database administrators. ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances in the dedicated cluster support the automatic failover for high availability, automatic read/write splitting, and rapid scaling features. This enables the customer to focus on the business.