To keep pace with rapid business development and meet increasing business needs, ApsaraDB databases need to further develop their comprehensive capabilities to make operations and maintenance (O&M) more efficient. This topic describes the key features of ApsaraDB MyBase.

Key features of ApsaraDB MyBase

  • Enterprise-level database kernels

    ApsaraDB MyBase uses an enhanced and optimized kernel based on an open source database kernel. For more information, see Kernel benefits.

  • Fully managed database services

    ApsaraDB MyBase provides a full range of database service capabilities, including installation, deployment, high availability, monitoring, alerting, account management, automatic optimization, and backup and restoration.

  • Open operating system (OS) systems

    ApsaraDB MyBase allows you to upload, download, and install software by using custom scripts in an independent and flexible manner. This meets the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises for custom database services. For more information, see Log on to a host by using a bastion host in Linux.

  • User-level resource isolation

    You can purchase hosts so that your resources are completely isolated. Resource isolation avoids resource scrambling and ensures service stability.

  • Reduced costs

    ApsaraDB MyBase meets the business architecture requirements and allows you to take advantage of the different features of database resources. You can configure proper overcommitment ratios to maximize resource utilization and reduce costs. For more information, see Enable or disable instance allocation for a host.