This topic describes available instance types of standalone instances in ApsaraDB for MongoDB.

Note The supported memory capacity includes the memory that is occupied by the management services in ApsaraDB for MongoDB, the database service, and the underlying operating system (such as the BIOS, the kernel of the operating system, and the hypervisor. Therefore, the available memory may be less than the memory capacity that is supported by the instance type.
Database engine version Category Specification Instance type Maximum number of connections Maximum IOPS Storage cpacity
  • MongoDB 4.0
  • MongoDB 3.4
General-purpose cloud disk instance 4 cores, 8 GB memory dds.sn2.large.1 6000 min {30 × Storage capacity, 20,000} 20 GB to 2,000 GB (a multiple of 10 GB)
4 cores, 16 GB memory dds.sn4.xlarge.1 8000
8 cores, 16 GB memory dds.sn2.xlarge.1 8000
8 cores, 32 GB memory dds.sn4.2xlarge.1 10000