This topic describes how to write data to ApsaraDB for Lindorm instances by using the InfluxDB® line protocol. This topic also provides examples.

For more information about the format of the InfluxDB® line protocol that is supported by Lindorm instances, see Line protocol. You can use applications or devices that support data transmission over the line protocol to write data points to Lindorm instances.

Request path and method

Request path Request method Description
/api/v2/write POST Write data by using the line protocol. You must write data in the line protocol format to the body of a POST request.

Protocol format

<table_name>[,<tag_key>=<tag_value>[,<tag_key>=<tag_value>]] <field_key>=<field_value>[,<field_key>=<field_value>] [<timestamp>] 
Note Separate multiple entries with line feeds (\n).

Data types

The syntax of the line protocol supports the following data types: float, integer, string, Boolean, and timestamp. The following table describes the data types.

Data type Description
Float Floating-point numbers, for example, 1, 1.0, 1.e+78, and 1.E+78. Default data type: float.
Integer Integers. You can specify 64-bit integers. You must suffix an integer with an i to identify the data type, for example, 12i and 101i.
String Strings. You must enclose a string in double quotation marks ("). for example, "hello world".
Boolean Boolean values. Valid values: True and False.
  • The syntax of True supports t, T, true, True, and TRUE.
  • The syntax of False supports f, F, false, False, and FALSE.
Timestamp Timestamps. The line protocol allows you to specify timestamps in ns. When the system stores the timestamps, the unit of the timestamps is converted to ms. If you want to modify the precision for timestamps, specify the required value for the precision parameter.


Parameter Required Description
table_name Yes The name of the table to which you want to write data.
tag_set No The data tags. You can search data by tag.
field_set Yes The data fields.
timestamp No The timestamp. By default, the timestamp indicates the present time. Default unit: ns. If you want to modify the precision for timestamps, specify the required value for the precision parameter.
precision No The time precision. Default value: ns. Valid values: ns, us, ms, s, m, and h.


The following sample code shows how to write data by using the line protocol.

POST /api/v2/write?precision=ms
sensor,device_id=F07A1260,region=north-cn temperature=12.1,humidity=45 1619076780000
sensor,device_id=F07A1260,region=north-cn temperature=13.2,humidity=47 1619076790000
sensor,device_id=F07A1260,region=north-cn temperature=10.6,humidity=46 1619076800000
sensor,device_id=F07A1260,region=north-cn temperature=18.1,humidity=44 1619076780000
sensor,device_id=F07A1260,region=north-cn temperature=19.7,humidity=44 1619076790000
Note If a write request is successful, the status code 204 is returned.