This topic describes how to use a Cassandra client driver to connect to an ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) cluster. Before you execute a Cassandra Query Language (CQL) statement, obtain an endpoint, a username, and a password in the Lindorm console.

Obtain an endpoint

You can connect to a Lindorm cluster over a virtual private cloud (VPC) or the Internet. The endpoints vary based on network types. You can use a multi-language Cassandra client driver or lindorm-cqlsh to connect to a Lindorm cluster. A multi-language Cassandra client driver and lindorm-cqlsh use the same port. By default, port 9042 is used. You can obtain an endpoint on the Database Connections page in the Lindorm console. If you want to connect to a Lindorm cluster over the Internet, enable Internet access for the cluster.

Configure a whitelist

Before you connect to a Lindorm cluster, obtain the node IP address of the Cassandra client driver and add the IP address to the whitelist. You can configure the whitelist in the Lindorm console.