Establish a connection

 String[] contactPoints = new String[]{
      "ip"// Enter the endpoint of the Lindorm cluster that you want to connect. You can obtain the value in the Lindorm console. This parameter value cannot include a port number. 
 Cluster cluster = Cluster.builder()
      .addContactPoints(contactPoints)// Enter the username and the password that you use to connect to the cluster. You can obtain the username and the password in the Lindorm console.
      .withAuthProvider(new PlainTextAuthProvider(username, password))
 cluster.init();// Initialize the connection.
 Session session = cluster.connect();// Initialize a session. You cannot create a session for each request. We recommend that you create several sessions in advance for each process. 

Use a Cassandra client driver for Java to execute statements

Execute data definition language (DDL) statements

 // Create a keyspace. Configure a replication strategy and replication factor for the keyspace. 
                "CREATE KEYSPACE IF NOT EXISTS testKeyspace WITH replication "
                        + "= {'class':'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor':1};");

 // Create a table. Configure a primary key and one or more regular columns for the table. A primary key consists of a partition key and clustering key.
                "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS testKeyspace.testTable ("
                        + "id int PRIMARY KEY,"
                        + "name text,"
                        + "age int,"
                        + "address text"
                        + ");");    

 // Clear a table.
    session.execute("TRUNCATE TABLE testKeyspace.testTable;");
 // Delete a table.
    session.execute("DROP TABLE testKeyspace.testTable ");

Execute data manipulation language (DML) statements

    // Execute the INSERT statement.
                "INSERT INTO testKeyspace.testTable (id, name, age, address) "
                        + "VALUES ("
                        + "1,"
                        + "'testname',"
                        + "11,"
                        + "'hangzhou');");
    // Execute the SELECT statement. If you want to query all the columns in a table, use SELECT *. You can also query specified columns in a table.
    ResultSet res = session.execute(
                "SELECT * FROM testKeyspace.testTable ;");

    // If you want to query each row for a column, execute the following statements:
    for (Row row : results)
        int id = row.getInt("id");
        String name = row.getString("name");
        int age = row.getInt("age");
        String address = row.getString("address");

    // Close a session.
    // Disable a cluster.