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Order queries and searches of Shouqianba

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Solution highlights: can process hundreds of terabytes of data, returns results for real-time queries in milliseconds, supports combinations of random dimensions for searches, and returns the result of an order search in sub-seconds

Customer feedback

We have used ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) clusters and services for almost one year. Lindorm experts have provided valuable suggestions and shared their extensive experience throughout the entire process from creating a solution to implementing the solution. After we raise issues, we can always receive detailed explanations and timely responses from the technical support team. The system has run smoothly since it was launched. Lindorm allows us to store large amounts of data. Lindorm can also return the results of real-time queries on tens of billions of data records in only a few milliseconds. Lindorm experts respond to our issues with patience and provide powerful support. We can save nearly USD one million per year.

Customer profile

Shouqianba is owned by Shanghai Wosai Internet Tech Co., Ltd., and is a leading company in the mobile payment industry in China. Shouqianba is dedicated to using the power of networks and data to serve brick-and-mortar stores. Shouqianba provides a mobile payment tool for merchants. Shouqianba also provides finance, advertisement, marketing management, and supply chain services for merchants. Shouqianba was officially launched in December 2014. Its launch marks the start of the one-stop payment receiving era in the mobile payment market in China. Shouqianba developed a smart device called Saomawang. The smart device can be used to receive payments in all scenarios. Multiple patents in China are granted for the smart device. Shouqianba provides services for more than 3.3 million merchants and completes about 30 million transactions per day.


  • The business of Shouqianba involves various types of objects. The company requires support for a random combination of dimensions chosen from 15 query dimensions.

  • The result of a query on a large amount of data must be returned within a few sub-seconds.

  • Large amounts of data need to be stored, including at least 75 GB of incremental data that is generated each day and hundreds of terabytes of existing data. Due to the high requirements for data security in mobile payment, all the mobile payment data must be permanently stored. This incurs high storage costs.


  • Lindorm provides a full-text indexing solution. You can use Lindorm Tunnel Service (LTS) to synchronize data between the LindormTable wide table engine and the LindormSearch search engine in real time. This meets the requirements for queries that use random combinations of query dimensions.Search engine: Solr

  • Lindorm provides a feature that allows you to optimize data compression. This feature can be enabled to reduce the consumed storage space, which can help reduce storage costs.

  • Lindorm provides the cold and hot data separation feature. This feature allows the company to separately store hot data and cold data without the need to modify the applications. This reduces the storage costs of cold data and ensures high performance of accessing hot data.Cold and hot data separation - Shouqianba


  • Lindorm provides a search engine called LindormSearch. LindormSearch allows users to search orders by using a combination of random dimensions to ensure high performance.

  • Lindorm provides a wide table engine called LindormTable. LindormTable provides a feature that allows the company to optimize data compression. LindormTable also allows the company to separately store cold data and hot data in clusters. This way, the company can permanently store data at low costs.

  • Lindorm provides fully managed services to help the company migrate data from the self-managed clusters to Lindorm. This way, the company does not need to perform O&M. Lindorm also provides a service level agreement (SLA) guarantee for the company data. In addition, Lindorm experts provide technical support for free. These benefits allow the company to focus on its business development.