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Migrate the insurance policy data of a digital insurance company from MySQL to Lindorm

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Solution highlights: Data from thousands of MySQL physical database tables is migrated to several ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) tables. The linear scalability of Lindorm helps handle data growth when the business grows rapidly. Lindorm uses a cloud native architecture in which computing is decoupled from storage. Lindorm provides elastic scalability to meet the resource requirements during peak periods.


  • Due to the rapid development of the insurance policy business, the MySQL databases and tables for insurance policy data must be frequently sharded. This causes a lot of maintenance work.

  • The amount of business data is large and the storage costs are high. The total size of data is dozens of terabytes and keeps growing at a high speed.

  • The business requires that data is written in real time and imported in batches. When the business system imports data in batches, the response time (RT) for real-time write and read requests increases.


  • Lindorm is developed and maintained by a top technical team in China and provides stable and reliable services. It has been widely applied to multiple key services of Alibaba Group. Its stability and reliability have been well proven.

  • The cloud native distributed architecture of Lindorm allows storage nodes and compute nodes to be scaled based on business requirements. The scaling operations do not interrupt the services of applications. Data and requests are automatically balanced. Lindorm frees the digital insurance company from O&M. The company does not need to modify the code of its applications.

  • Lindorm provides the data compression feature for performance optimization. This feature can reduce consumed storage space. This significantly reduce the storage costs.

  • Lindorm Tunnel Service (LTS) allows you to efficiently import offline data and minimizes the impact on online read operations and online write operations.

  • Lindorm provides the hot and cold data separation feature. The hot data and cold data from the same table can be stored into different storage media. This reduces the storage costs. The digital insurance company is also freed from the need to modify the application code.


  • After the data is migrated from MySQL tables to Lindorm tables, the number of physical tables is reduced from more than 10,000 to more than 10. The O&M costs are significantly reduced.

  • Lindorm uses a distributed architecture in which computing is decoupled from storage. Lindorm provides the elastic scalability and can handle business peaks and respond to the rapid growth of data.

  • Lindorm provides compressed storage, optimized compression algorithm, and tiered storage of hot and cold data from the same table. This significantly reduces the storage costs.

  • Lindorm Tunnel Service (LTS) can be used to import data from MySQL to Lindorm. The online query capability remains stable during the migration process.