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Migrate the data of a leading health checkup company from SQL Server to Lindorm

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Solution highlights: The latency of queries from clients is reduced to milliseconds and the cost is also significantly reduced.


  • The data of health checkup reports must be retained for 15 years and the size of data is dozens of terabytes. Therefore, the storage costs are high.

  • The system must respond to query requests from clients in real time. This requires the system to be highly available.

  • Tens of billions of report data are stored and query requests must be responded to in real time. Therefore, the system has high requirements for linear scalability and stability.


  • Lindorm is developed and maintained by a top technical team in China and provides stable and reliable services. It has been widely applied to multiple key services of Alibaba Group. Its stability and reliability have been well proven.

  • Lindorm uses the CCSMap and BucketCache schemas developed by Alibaba Group and the Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) algorithm of Alibaba Dragonwell. This reduces the garbage collection (GC) pause to less than 5 milliseconds. This way, the requirements for online real-time queries are met.

  • Lindorm provides the data compression feature for performance optimization. This feature can reduce consumed storage space. This significantly reduces the storage costs.

  • Lindorm provides the hot and cold data separation feature. Hot data and cold data from the same table can be stored into different storage media. This reduces the storage costs. The company is also freed from the need to modify the application code.

Hot and cold data separation


  • Lindorm allows the company to migrate non-transactional workloads from SQL Server to Lindorm. Lindorm provides high performance and can process queries initiated from clients for one or more rows of data in real time. This helps the company meet the requirements of managing tens of billions of report data.

  • Lindorm provides the data compression and hot and cold data separation features for performance optimization. This helps significantly reduce the costs.

  • Lindorm Tunnel Service (LTS) allows you to efficiently import data from SQL Server to Lindorm. The online query capability remains stable during the migration process.