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Migrate the advertising data of an international marketing company to Lindorm

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Solution highlights: The data retention period is extended by four times and the total cost is reduced by 86%.

Customer feedback

After the data is migrated to ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm), the data compression ratio is improved, and the hot data and the cold data are stored in different storage media. This significantly reduces our costs. Lindorm also provides higher performance and stability and lower write latency by using fewer nodes than open source HBase clusters. We have started to migrate the workloads of another business to Alibaba Cloud.


  • Open source HBase clusters have poor disaster recovery capabilities. Advertising is the core feature of the whole business. If a cluster fails, the applications that support advertising may fail on almost all the clients. This seriously affects the company revenue.

  • A large number of read and write requests are sent to the cluster and a large amount of incremental data is generated every day. The daily incremental data can be up to 4 TB in size.

  • The costs of computing resources and storage resources are high. To reduce costs, data is retained for only seven days. As a result, some business requirements cannot be met.


  • Lindorm is fully compatible with open source HBase and provides stronger capabilities the open source HBase. Lindorm is developed and maintained by a top technical team in China and provides stable and reliable services. It has been widely applied to multiple key services of Alibaba Group. Its stability and reliability have been well proven.

  • Lindorm provides the data compression feature for performance optimization. This feature can reduce consumed storage space. This significantly reduce the storage costs.

  • Lindorm provides the hot and cold data separation feature. Hot data and cold data from the same table can be stored into different storage media. This reduces the storage costs. The digital insurance company is also freed from the need to modify the application code.

  • Lindorm provides the Batch Commit feature that allows you to submit multiple requests at a time for performance optimization. This feature can greatly improve the throughput and reduce the response time for requests. After this feature is enabled, the performance is improved by more than three times.

  • Lindorm provides an effective performance optimization solution for the advertising business. This avoids unnecessary operations and reduce resource overheads.

Hot and cold data separation architecture for targeted advertisingBatch data submission architecture for targeted advertising


  • After the data is migrated from open source HBase to Lindorm, the system stability is greatly improved. Alibaba Cloud provides service level agreement (SLA) guarantees and a complete portfolio of data management services to free the marketing company from O&M. Alibaba Cloud also offers a professional Lindorm expert team to provide free technical support. This helps the marketing company focus on their business development.

  • The Lindorm expert team customizes effective and scenario-oriented optimization solutions. This helps reduce cluster resource overheads and improve system performance.

  • The total cost is significantly reduced. The total cost is less than 1/7 of the cost before the data is migrated. The data retention period is four times the retention period before the data is migrated.