ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) provides a high-performance, low-cost, stable, and reliable online time series engine service that is called Lindorm TSDB. Lindorm TSDB provides multiple capabilities such as efficient data reading and writing, storage with a high compression ratio, and time series data aggregation.

Lindorm TSDB is widely used in scenarios such as application performance management (APM), IoT device monitoring, and industrial Internet. Lindorm TSDB allows you to write tens of millions of time series data points into Lindorm databases per second and store data in Lindorm databases at a high compression ratio and at a low cost. Lindorm TSDB supports downsampling, interpolation, and multi-dimensional aggregation. It can also visualize data query results. Therefore, you can use Lindorm databases powered by the Lindorm time series engine to store and process volumetric time series data.


  • High performance: Lindorm TSDB provides high write throughput capabilities. Lindorm TSDB uses the time series engine developed by Alibaba Cloud to write time series data in high concurrency.
  • Data compression: Lindorm TSDB provides built-in data compression capabilities. It integrates the time series data compression algorithm developed by Alibaba Cloud and general data compression algorithms to provide a compression ratio of up to 15:1.
  • Time series indexing: Lindorm TSDB provides built-in time series indexing capabilities. This allows you to efficiently run multi-dimensional data queries from the data that is generated from tens of billions of timelines.
  • Time series computing: Lindorm TSDB provides an aggregation engine to deliver powerful time series aggregation capabilities. The aggregation engine supports more than 10 aggregation operators, more than 20 filling policies, and more than 10 interpolation algorithms.
  • Scalability: Lindorm TSDB adopts a distributed architecture. This allows you to scale your Lindorm time series engine resources on demand. This way, you can store and process diverse size of data.

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Connection methods

  1. Use the HTTP API provided by Lindorm TSDB. This API is compatible with the REST protocol that is used by OpenTSDB.
  2. Use the SDK provided by Lindorm TSDB.