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Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021

This topic describes the features of the time series engine service that provided by ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm). This time series engine service is called Lindorm TSDB.

Efficient reading and writing for time series data

Lindorm TSDB provides efficient and concurrent reading and writing capabilities. You can read millions of data points per second and write tens of millions of data points per second.

  • Write data

    You can use the HTTP API and the SDK for Java provided by Lindorm TSDB to write data to your Lindorm time series databases.

  • Query data

    You can use the console, the HTTP API, and the SDK for Java provided by Lindorm TSDB to query data from your Lindorm time series databases. The Lindorm console provides visualized results of data grouping, downsampling, and aggregation.

Data management

  • Configure time-to-live (TTL)

    You can use the Lindorm console or call the API to configure a TTL period. After you turn on the Time-to-live (TTL) switch and specify a TTL value, the system marks expired data as stale data and automatically deletes stale data at a specific time.

  • Delete data

    You can use the Lindorm console to delete the data of specified metrics. You can also call the API to delete data on demand.

Highly compressed storage

Lindorm TSDB uses an efficient data compression technology to reduce the average storage space for each data point to 1 to 2 bytes. This reduces the overall storage usage by 90% and increases the data write speed.

Computing capabilities for time series data

Lindorm TSDB provides professional and comprehensive computing functions to process time series data and supports downsampling, data interpolation, and data aggregation. This helps meet the requirements in complex data query scenarios.

Monitoring and O&M

Lindorm TSDB provides an instance O&M system. You can use the O&M system to maintain your instances. You can monitor the status, performance metrics, and storage usage of your instances in real time. You can also configure alert rules and alert notification methods. This way, you can identify resource bottlenecks at the earliest opportunity.

Data security and instance security

Lindorm TSDB provides the following solutions to ensure the security of your data and instances:

  • Lindorm TSDB allows you to access your instances over virtual private clouds (VPCs). This fully secures your instances.

  • Lindorm TSDB provides the IP address whitelist feature. You can configure an IP address whitelist for an instance and add the IP addresses of the machines that you want to allow to access the instance to the whitelist. This further secures your instances and data. If a machine and a Lindorm instance are deployed in the same VPC, but the IP address of the machine is not included in the whitelist of the instance, the machine cannot access the instance.

  • By default, Lindorm TSDB uses the multi-copy storage policy to ensure data availability.