ApsaraDB for HBase allows you to use RAM users to manage clusters. We recommend that you use authorized RAM users to manage clusters to ensure data security.


  1. Log on to the RAM console, and switch to the old console version. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Users and create a RAM user.
  2. Click the name of the RAM user that you create. In the left-side navigation pane, choose User Authorization Policies. Click Edit Authorization Policy, and enter keyword hbase into the search box in the dialog box that appears.

3. Select a permission policy. The AliyunHBaseReadOnlyAccess permission policy only grants RAM users the read permission on clusters. The RAM users can view cluster information but cannot perform other operations such as scaling or restart. The AliyunHBaseFullAccess permission policy grants RAM users the full management permission on ApsaraDB for HBase clusters.

4. To allow the RAM user to view monitoring data of ApsaraDB for HBase, you must authorize the RAM user to access CloudMonitor. Enter keyword cloudmonitor into the search box, select a CloudMonitor permission policy as needed. Two CloudMonitor permission policies are available. They grant RAM users read-only and full management permissions separately.

5. After you select permission policies, click OK. The RAM user then has the permissions to access ApsaraDB for HBase and CloudMonitor. You can use the RAM user to log on to the ApsaraDB for HBase console and manage clusters.