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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Real-time computing: Integrate ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition (Lindorm) with Blink or Spark

ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition (Lindorm) is suitable for data-based application such as algorithms, intelligent operations, and monitoring dashboards. In most cases, you must collect data that is generated in business systems in real time and perform real-time computing based on data updates. ApsaraDB for HBase is schema-free and provides capabilities including high throughput, low latency, and horizontal scaling. Therefore, it is the preferred database solution for many big data applications. ApsaraDB for HBase integrates with Lindorm Streams and Blink or Spark to build a comprehensive real-time data system.


Application decoupling: Synchronize data to Message Queue for Apache Kafka in real time

In most cases, when an application is running, data generated in the application system must be used by other applications or drive the business logic of other applications based on this event. Message Queue for Apache Kafka transmits messages between applications. In traditional solutions, the data producer must write data to both databases and message queues. On one hand, this increases the complexity of applications. On the other hand, data consistency can be maintained only if the application availability and efficiency are compromised. This is because both the database and message queue tasks can affect the application system. Applications can be decoupled from Message Queue for Apache Kafka. Lindorm Streams sends data updates to message queues in a specific message format.