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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This topic provides an overview of scenarios where data changes in HBase tables need to be obtained in real time.

After data is written to HBase, you must subscribe to and obtain real-time data changes from HBase tables in multiple business scenarios.

    • Trigger business processing in other applications when data is updated. For example, a warehouse job is triggered after a logistics order is generated.

    • Integrate with real-time computing to serve data applications such as data-driven intelligent operations, Internet of Things (IoT), and monitoring dashboards.

    • Synchronize data in specific scenarios, such as cache updates, synchronization to search engines and data warehouses, and cold storage.

Lindorm Streams allows you to obtain data changes of HBase tables in real time. You can build your own data applications based on this feature of Lindorm Streams.


This feature is available only for ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition and Lindorm.