On the Server details tab in Lindorm Insight, you can view the basic information about servers in cluster groups and the region details of the current server.

Go to the server details tab

On the Cluster overview tab, click the name of the server. The server details tab appears.

Cluster overview tab
The Server details page is divided into three sections. You can click the following links for the sections to view the corresponding data:

Basic server information

In the Server details section, you can view the values of the ServerName and Lindorm Version fields.

Server details

Online Regions

In the Online Regions section, you can view the information about the online regions of the server. The information includes the values of the following fields: RegionSize, MemSize, and FileNum. RegionSize specifies the size of the table shard. MemSize specifies the data size of the table shard in the memory. FileNum specifies the number of LDFiles in the table shard.

Online Regions

Regions in recovering

In the Regions in recovering section, you can view the information about the recovering regions of the server.