1. Register a DataStore

The DataStore (DS) class in the HBase Ganos RESTful API records the parameters required to connect to the backend storage. These parameters includes the Catalog Name mapped to ApsaraDB for HBase, and the ZooKeeper address used to connect to ApsaraDB for HBase. DS is used as aliases of the configurations. The following section shows how to register a DS in HBase Ganos:

URL /ds/:alias
Method POST
URL parameters alias=[alphanumeric] specifies the alias of the DS, which is used as the unique identifier of a DS object.
Data parameters The "hbase.catalog: HBase Catalog Name" parameter specifies the catalog name, which you can also customize. The "hbase.zookeepers: zookeeper" parameter specifies the ZooKeeper address that is used to connect to ApsaraDB for HBase.
Success response Code: 200; Content: empty.
Error response Code: 400; Content: empty.

Example: Register the data source named my_ds in the catalog_name directory of ApsaraDB for HBase.

curl \
'localhost:8080/geoserver/geomesa/geojson/ds/my_ds' \
    -d hbase.catalog=catalog_name 
    -d hbase.zookeepers=localhost

After you register the DS, run the following command to view all registered DSs:

curl 'localhost:8080/geoserver/geomesa/geojson/ds'