After you modify the configurations, you must restart the cluster. The cluster is restarted by using the rolling restart method, which has minor impacts on the cluster if the cluster size is small.

ApsaraDB for HBase generates logs after each modification.

Subsequent optimization: You can change some parameters without restarting the cluster.

The following table lists some of the user-configurable parameters. For more information, check the configurations in the console.

Parameter Default Description
hbase.hregion.majorcompaction 604800000 The default value is 604800000 milliseconds (seven days). You can set the value to 0 to disable automatic major compaction. Subsequent products of ApsaraDB for HBase will support triggering major compaction periodically or within a time period. 0 Adjusts the numbers of read and scan queues to control read/write splitting.
hbase.ipc.server.callqueue.scan.ratio 0 Controls read/write splitting. 0.3 The proportion of memstore. 0.35 The proportion of memstore.
hbase.rpc.timeout 60000 The timeout for sending Remote Procedure Call (RPC) requests, which can be extended.
hfile.block.cache.size 0.4 If more read requests are received than scan requests, you can set this parameter to 0.5.