After you modify the configurations, you must restart the cluster by using the rolling restart method. This has minor impacts even on a large-size cluster.

  • Logs are generated for configuration modifications.
  • Subsequent optimization: Some parameter changes can take effect without the need to restart the cluster.
  • The following table describes some of the user-configurable parameters. For more information, view the configurations in the console.
ParameterDefault valueDescription
hbase.hregion.majorcompaction604800000The default value is 604800000. Unit: milliseconds. You can set the value to 0 to disable automatic major compaction. Subsequent products of ApsaraDB for HBase will support triggering major compaction periodically or within a time period. the percentage of call queues dedicated to read and write requests. By default, there is no differentiation of queues as read or write.
hbase.ipc.server.callqueue.scan.ratio0Specifies the percentage of call queues allocated for gets and scan requests. By default, all the read queues are used for both get and scan requests. maximum size of all memstores in a region server before flushes are forced. percentage of JVM heap allocated for memstores. If the percentage reaches a threshold, flush will be triggered.
hbase.rpc.timeout60000The timeout period for sending Remote Procedure Call (RPC) requests. Unit: milliseconds. You can extend the timeout period.
hfile.block.cache.size0.4The percentage of JVM heap allocated for block cache. The default value is 0.4, but a higher percentage, for example, 0.5, will help with read latencies if the primary workload is read.