Lindorm Insight offers the health inspection feature for you to check the cluster health information. You can perform routine inspections on cluster node status, service status, and user behaviors. The health inspection feature provides an easy method for you to monitor the status of clusters and the performance metrics that are in the sub-health state.

View inspection results

  1. Log on to the Lindorm Insight system. For more information, see Log on to Lindorm Insight.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Inspect.
  3. On the Summary tab, view the inspection tasks for the current cluster in each zone and the corresponding inspection scores.Inspection results
    Note Inspection tasks are triggered every 6 hours. An inspection report is generated each time an inspection task is triggered.

View inspection report details

  1. On the Summary tab, click the score in the Score column. The details tab appears.Inspection results
  2. On the details tab, view the basic information about the inspection report, report overview, and report details. The basic information about the inspection report includes the values the following fields: Task submission time, Start time of inspection range, and End time of inspection range. The report overview includes the information about deduction rules, deduction details, and detection rules for node status, service status, and user behavior analysis. The report details include the information about the exceptions that are identified based on the detection rules.Report details