This topic describes how to use the Snapshot Backtrace tool to handle abnormal events.

Background information

Exceptions may occur on the queues where the kernel processes requests. In these scenarios, the Snapshot Backtrace tool can create snapshots of the threads where the kernel processes the requests and can also record the thread processing details. Based on these details, you can preliminarily determine the causes of the system exceptions and locate the request content.

Note The Snapshot Backtrace tool retains the snapshots of thread processing details and also creates snapshots of the service stack.

View exception snapshots

Choose Diagnose > Snapshot Backtrace > summary. On the tab that appears, you can view the exception snapshots.

On the summary tab, you can perform the following operations:

  • View the time when the data of each exception was collected and the abnormal performance metrics for the default zone.
  • Filter and view abnormal events by group and server.
  • Click Stack Snapshot that corresponds to the server whose details you want to check. Then, click Download to download the stack file that stores the information about the time when the exceptions occur.

Analyze exception details

Click the Details button for the abnormal event whose details you want to check. Then, you can view the processing details of the threads associated with the kernel that processes the abnormal event, including the processed requests and the parameter information. Based on these details, you can locate the source from which the abnormal request is sent in a quick manner and analyze the service issue.