The HBase Ganos API interacts with databases based on GeoTools interfaces. In GeoTools, DataStores are used to access and store data. A DataStore class is defined in the format of DataAccess<SimpleFeatureType,SimpleFeature>. SimpleFeature specifies a vector feature model managed by GeoTools. Each point, line, or polygon is considered a SimpleFeature. The schema of a SimpleFeature is defined by SimpleFeatureType.

For more information about the definition of the DataStore interface and how to use DataStores, see the official GeoTools documentation:

The HBase DataStore parameters are as follows. Parameters marked with asterisks (*) are required parameters.

Parameter Data type Description
hbase.catalog * String The name of the GeoMesa catalog.
hbase.zookeepers* String The ZooKeeper endpoint. Multiple ZooKeeper endpoints are separated with commas (,).
geomesa.query.timeout String The validity period of each query.
geomesa.query.threads Integer The number of threads used to process each query.

You can call the getDataStore method of DataStoreFinder to access a DataStore. Example:

//Configure connection parameters.
Map<String, String> params= new HashMap<>();

//Create a DataStore.
DataStore ds=DataStoreFactory.getDataStore(params);

You can then use the created HBase DataStore instance to interact with HBase Ganos. HBase DataStores are a subclass of DataStores.