On the Cluster overview tab in Lindorm Insight, you can view the basic information, storage space, and group information about clusters.

Go to the Cluster overview tab

To go to the Cluster overview tab, log on to the ApsaraDB for HBase console and navigate to the page that shows the details of an ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition (Lindorm) instance. In the left-side navigation pane on the instance details page, click Cluster Management. On the Cluster Management System page, click ClusterManager to go to the Lindorm Insight system.

Cluster overview tab
The Cluster overview tab is divided into three sections. You can click the following links for the sections to view the corresponding information:

Basic cluster information

In the Basic information section, you can view the values of the following fields: Lindorm Version, Hadoop Version, and Cluster Master Start Time.

Basic cluster information

Cluster storage space

In the Storage information section, you can view the current storage details of the cluster. The details include the values of the following fields: Total Storage Space, Used Storage Space, Free Storage Space, and Non DFS Usage Space.

Storage space

Cluster group information

In the Group information section, you can view the following information: group overview, online servers, dead servers, and offline regions of the cluster.

Group information