ApsaraDB for Cassandra supports one-touch upgrade in the console. This enables you to upgrade your database version in a short time.


Notice In the version upgrade, each cluster node is serially upgraded. For some version upgrades, cluster restart is required before taking the upgrade into effect, which affects the use of the clusters.
  • High availability configuration cluster: If a single node is serially upgraded, the cluster works as expected. This indicates that the high availability configuration cluster supports online version upgrade and the cluster service is not interrupted.
  • Non-high availability configuration cluster: Assume that cluster nodes are serially upgraded and must be restarted to make upgrades take effect. If the application accesses a node that is being restarted, the node is unavailable.
  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for Cassandra console. Click the name of the cluster whose version is to be upgraded. The Cluster Details page appears.
    Click cluster name
  2. On the Cluster Details page, click Upgrade Minor Version.
    Click minor upgrade
  3. lick OK to start the version upgrade.
    Click OK