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Configure monitoring and alerting functions

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2021

ApsaraDB for Cassandra provides monitoring and alerting functions based on CloudMonitor. For more information about the common functions of CloudMonitor, see CloudMonitor documentation.cms

Authorize ApsaraDB for Cassandra to access cloud resources

If you access CloudMonitor from ApsaraDB for Cassandra for the first time, you must authorize ApsaraDB for Cassandra to access your CloudMonitor resources. ApsaraDB for Cassandra needs to create a Cassandra group in CloudMonitor and add the current cluster instance to the group.

Note that you typically need to use an Alibaba Cloud account to perform this authorization.

Authorize RAM users to access cloud resources

If you are using a RAM user, ensure that the RAM user is granted the following permission policy.

CloudMonitor permissionsram

CloudMonitor dashboard

If the relevant permissions are granted, you can go to the CloudMonitor dashboard page.