Item ApsaraDB for Cassandra User-created database
Service availability 99.9% Requires you to guarantee your own service availability.
Backup and restoration Provides the backup and restoration feature for clusters. Not provided.
Maintenance cost No O&M required. Requires professional database administrators (DBAs) and high O&M costs.
Deployment and scaling Supports real-time activation, fast deployment, and elastic scaling. Requires hardware procurement, hosting of data centers, and machine deployment, which is time-consuming.
Multi-active geo-redundancy Deployment can be completed in one click. Deployment is complex and takes a long period of time.
Kernel management Supports automatic upgrades to fix vulnerabilities at the earliest opportunity. It saves you the efforts to manage kernel versions. Parameter settings are optimized to maximize the utilization of system resources. ApsaraDB for Cassandra kernel development team fixes bugs and provides new features. Requires you to backport community patches and optimize parameters.
Performance optimization Throughput is increased by 20% and can be increased by up to 100%. Not provided.
Analysis Seamless integrated with X-Pack Spark to meet requirements for streaming and analysis. Not provided.