Alibaba Cloud Grafana Service allows you to start the Grafana runtime environment without the need to perform O&M operations. You can log on to the Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) console with your Alibaba Cloud account to use Grafana Service. You can also authorize other accounts to use the service.

Grafana Service helps you efficiently analyze and view metrics, logs, and traces. You do not need to pay attention to complicated tasks such as server configurations and software updates. This improves O&M efficiency and reduces your workloads. In addition, the cloud-native capabilities of Alibaba Cloud improve the security and availability of Grafana Service.

Grafana Service provides various Alibaba Cloud data sources, such as ARMS, Prometheus Service, and Log Service. It also provides dashboards for built-in data sources. In addition, you can use self-managed data stores in virtual private clouds (VPCs), such as Elasticsearch and InfluxDB.

Alibaba Cloud Grafana Service is compatible with open source Grafana. For more information, see Grafana official documentation.

Public preview

Alibaba Cloud Grafana Service is available in public preview. You can activate Grafana Service on the Grafana Service product page. You can also join the DingTalk group 34785590 to learn more details.


  • Elasticity and O&M intelligence: Grafana Service allows you to use high-availability services without the need to manage O&M servers.
  • Visualization: Grafana Service supports Alibaba Cloud data sources such as ARMS, Prometheus Service, and Log Service, self-managed data sources, and third-party cloud data sources.
  • Data security and authorization: Grafana Service supports Alibaba Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) and self-managed account systems to implement fine-grained management of data sources and dashboards.


  • Integration with various cloud services

    Grafana Service is integrated with cloud services such as ARMS, Prometheus Service, CloudMonitor, Log Service, and Elasticsearch. Grafana Service provides data source configurations, preset dashboards, and alert settings for these cloud services.

  • Diverse plug-ins

    You can use the Grafana plug-in to connect your tools and your team. The plug-in connects to an existing data source by using APIs and renders data in real time. You do not need to migrate or ingest data.

  • Custom alert system

    You can create, manage, and mute Grafana alerts in an efficient and centralized manner.

  • Multi-dimensional data query

    You can query data across different data sources, rename data sources, aggregate data sources, manage data sources in groups, and perform calculations.

  • Self-managed data sources

    You can connect multiple VPCs in the same region, add data sources from multiple VPCs to the same workspace, and perform queries and configure alerts in a unified manner.

  • Panel editor

    You can configure, customize, and browse all panels by using a consistent UI. You can set data options across all panels.