Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) is an application performance management (APM) service. It provides mainly three sub-services: Browser Monitoring, Application Monitoring, and Prometheus Monitoring. ARMS provides APM features that cover distributed applications, containers, browsers, mini-programs, and mobile apps. You can use ARMS to implement full-stack performance monitoring and perform end-to-end tracking. ARMS makes your O&M simple and efficient.


ARMS provides the following sub-services and function modules for various monitoring scenarios.

  • Application Monitoring
    For the distributed architecture, monitors Java and PHP applications, and views application topology, interface calls, abnormal transactions, and slow transactions.
  • Browser Monitoring
    Monitors the health of web pages and mini-programs from three aspects: page opening speed, page stability, and external service call success rate.
  • Prometheus Monitoring
    Supports open-source Prometheus ecosystem, various component types, and fully managed Prometheus services.
  • Business Monitoring
    This feature allows you to measure the performance and stability of applications from a business perspective. It provides end-to-end monitoring of key business transactions and business-specific performance indicators and diagnostics.
  • Synthetic Monitoring
    Utilizes global monitoring networks to manage and monitor the performance of applications in real user scenarios and improves user experience of applications.
  • Tracing Analysis
    Provides a set of tools for you to develop distributed applications. These tools include trace mapping, call request statistics, trace topology, and application dependency analysis. You can use these tools to analyze and diagnose performance bottlenecks in a distributed application architecture.

Application Monitoring

ARMS Application Monitoring is an application performance management (APM) service. To monitor an application, you only need to install the ARMS agent. You do not need to modify the code of the application. The ARMS agent helps you identify abnormal or slow API operations, view request parameters, and detect system bottlenecks. This improves the efficiency of online troubleshooting.

Supports various programming languages








Note The asterisk (*) indicates that Tracing Analysis must be activated.

Application Monitoring Overview

Automatically discover application topology

The arms agent of ARMS Application Monitoring can automatically discover the upstream and downstream dependencies of applications, effectively captures the traces that are composed of different applications through the RPC framework, and intelligently compute the traces.

Capture abnormal and slow transactions

You can further obtain the stack analysis reports of slow SQLs, accumulated message queue (MQ) messages, or exceptions, and conduct more detailed analysis.

Automatically discover and monitor interfaces

ARMS Application Monitoring can automatically identify and monitor common web frameworks and RPC frameworks in application code, and collect statistics on metrics such as the number of API calls, response time, and number of API errors.

Real-time diagnosis

When the real-time diagnosis function of ARMS Application Monitoring is enabled, Application Monitoring will continuously monitor the target application for 5 minutes and reports all the data of the traces during this 5 minutes.

For more information about ARMS Application Monitoring, see Overview.

Browser Monitoring

ARMS Browser Monitoring is applicable to scenarios such as web page monitoring, Weex monitoring, and mini-program monitoring. You can monitor web pages and mini-programs based on the following metrics: page loading speed (speed test), page stability (JavaScript errors), and success rate of external service calls (API).

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Other mini-programs


Browser Monitoring Overview

Page speed

ARMS Browser Monitoring can measure multiple page performance metrics, including first render time, DOM ready time, and resource load time.

JS error diagnosis

ARMS Browser Monitoring provides the JavaScript (JS) error diagnosis function to display basic information and distribution about JS errors and backtrack user behavior, helping you quickly locate the errors.

API request monitoring

ARMS Browser Monitoring can provide information about calls of each API in the application, including the call success rate, returned information, and average time consumed for success and failure.

Front-to-back link tracking

The front-to-back tracing function connects the front end and back end of an API request to make the complete code execution recur.

For more information about ARMS Browser Monitoring, see What is ARMS Browser Monitoring?

Prometheus Monitoring

Prometheus Monitoring is a managed monitoring service of ARMS that monitors a wide variety of components and provides various out-of-the-box dashboards. Prometheus Monitoring is compatible with the open source Prometheus ecosystem.

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Prometheus Monitoring Overview

More lightweight and stable

You do not need to build a Prometheus monitoring system. You can install the ARMS Prometheus agent and start monitoring.

Unlimited data volume

The data collection capability of ARMS Prometheus Monitoring can be expanded according to the number of K8s replicas to balance the decomposition and collection tasks.

Fully compatible with the open-source ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud is fully compatible with the clients and query languages in the Prometheus open-source monitoring ecosystem, and has compatibility with and optimization of the collection rules and value for use in the open-source ecosystem.

Cost saving

ARMS Prometheus Monitoring supports Kubernetes monitoring by default. Your time cost can be reduced from about 3 days to about 10 minutes using open-source Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes.

For more information about ARMS Prometheus Monitoring, see What is Prometheus Service?

Customer feedback

The following figures show the comments of some ARMS customers.

Didatravel Logo
With ARMS, we can build and start a real-time application monitoring system based on the big data platform within minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of IT staff. ARMS provides comprehensive application diagnosis information and real-time analysis data, such as order conversion rate analysis and hotel request ranking.
Dida Travel
Vanguard Logo
No matter what problem occurs in the application, ARMS can clearly show which line of code is the problem. ARMS is very important to us, which greatly shortens the time for troubleshooting and significantly improves the user experience. Since the application of ARMS, we have been able to detect and fix problems in a timely manner and have never been bothered by any user complaints.
CR Vanguard
Lenovo Logo
ARMS can help us accurately locate problems or performance bottlenecks in terms of code, databases, or underlying machines. Without ARMS, basic monitoring cannot locate and solve problems so efficiently. This improves user experience.

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