This topic describes the common parameters about Trace Explorer.

For information about the data model, see Tracing data model of OpenTelemetry.

Parameter Description
attributes The attribute used for indexing.
duration The time duration. Unit: nanoseconds.
event The event, which contains unindexed fields such as timestamp, name, and attribute.
hostname The hostname.
ip The IP address of the host.
kind The type of the span. Spans have the following types:
  • SPAN_KIND_UNSPECIFIED: unspecified
  • SPAN_KIND_INTERNAL: internal
  • SPAN_KIND_SERVER: server
  • SPAN_KIND_CLIENT: client
  • SPAN_KIND_PRODUCER: producer
  • SPAN_KIND_CONSUMER: consumer
links The relationship between the current span and one or more traces.
parentSpanId The ID of the parent span, which specifies the relationship among multiple spans.
resources The resource information about the span, including the process ID and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version number.
serviceName The service name, which is used for multitenancy.
spanId The ID of the span, which specifies the relationship among multiple spans.
spanName The name of the span.
startTime The start time. Unit: nanoseconds.
statusCode The status of the span. Spans can be in the following states:
  • STATUS_CODE_UNSET: The span is not configured.
  • STATUS_CODE_OK: The span is running as expected.
  • STATUS_CODE_ERROR: The span is not running as expected.
statusMessage The status message.
traceId The unique identifier of the trace.