This topic describes the terms that are used in Prometheus Service.

Term Description
exporter An application that runs together with the monitoring objects. It is used to convert the existing monitoring data of objects into the OpenMetrics format. This ensures that Prometheus Service can recognize the exposed metric data. More than 100 official or third-party exporters are available. For more information, see Exporters.
job The configuration set for a group of targets. A job defines the capture behaviors that act on a group of targets, such as capture interval and access control.
Prometheus Service Prometheus Service is a managed monitoring service that is provided by Alibaba Cloud. Prometheus Service is compatible with the open source Prometheus ecosystem. Prometheus Service provides out-of-the-box dashboards for you to monitor a wide variety of components. Prometheus Service allows you to create multiple types of Prometheus instances.
Prometheus instance A logical unit that is provided by Alibaba Cloud Prometheus Service to manage data collection, data storage, and data analysis.
Prometheus agent The Prometheus agent is deployed in a Kubernetes cluster on the user side or on the cloud service side. The Prometheus agent automatically discovers collection targets, collects metric data, and writes data to remote databases.
PromQL The query language of Prometheus Service. Prometheus Service supports transient query and time span query, and provides a variety of built-in functions and operators. You can use PromQL statements to aggregate, slice, predict, and combine raw data.
sample The value at a specific point in time on a timeline. In Prometheus Service, each sample consists of a value of the float64 data type and a timestamp that is accurate to milliseconds.
target The collection target to be captured by the Prometheus agent. The collection target exposes its own running and business metrics, or the Prometheus agent exposes the running and business metrics of the monitored objects.
alert rule Alert configurations that follow the Alerting Rule format. Alert rules can be described by using PromQL.
tag A key-value pair that describes a metric.
service discovery A feature that allows Prometheus Service to automatically discover collection targets without static configurations. Multiple service discovery methods such as Kubernetes SD, Consul, and Eureka are supported. You can use ServiceMonitor and PodMonitor to expose collection targets.
precomputation Prometheus Service supports recording rules. You can use PromQL to precompute raw data and save the results as new metrics to improve query efficiency.
timeline A timeline consists of a metric name and a tag. The combination of a metric name and a tag identifies a unique timeline in the time series.
remote storage A time series data storage component that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. Remote storage supports the Prometheus Remote Write protocol and is hosted on cloud services.
cloud service monitoring Prometheus Service is integrated with the monitoring data of various Alibaba Cloud services. If you need to monitor an Alibaba Cloud service, you can create a Prometheus instance for the service.
metric A series of tagged data that is exposed by the collection target. The metric data can reflect the running status or business status of the monitored objects. Prometheus Service uses the standard data format of OpenMetrics to describe metrics.