Insights automatically identifies exceptions to all applications under your name based on system default settings or custom settings. If any exceptions are found, notifications will be sent as soon as possible according to the subscription rules you configure.

Add a subscription

  1. Log on to the ARMS console .
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Insights > Subscription Configuration.
  3. In the top navigation bar, select the region where your cluster is deployed.
  4. On the Subscription Configuration page, click Subscription Rules.
  5. On the Subscription Rules tab, click Add Subscription in the upper-right corner.
  6. In the Add Subscription Configuration panel, set the following parameters and click OK.
    Parameter Description
    Subscription configuration name The name of the custom subscription.
    Filter Event Types Select the type of event that you want to send notifications.
    • All regions
    • The overall average response time of application services spikes
    • The average response time of Top N interfaces increases sharply
    • Sudden increase in the overall error rate of application services
    • Top N interface error rate spikes
    • Uneven traffic
    Severity filtering Select the severity of the event to be notified. The severity of the event increased from P3, P2, P1 and P0.
    Application filtering Select the application that needs to send notifications.
    Notification mode
    • simple mode: Specify the notification method by setting the Contact, Notification Method, and Notification Period parameters.
    • Advanced mode: Specify the notification method by setting Notification Policy.
    Contact Select a notification contact. You can select multiple contacts or contact groups. If no contact is available, you must create a new contact first. Contacts support mobile numbers, email addresses, DingTalk robots, and webhooks. For more information, see Contacts.
    Notification method The subscription notification method. Multiple options are supported.
    Notice The selected contact must have the corresponding notification method to take effect.
    Notification period Only events generated within a specified period of time are sent. Events generated at other times are ignored.
    Notification policy
    • If no notification policy is specified, no notification is sent when an event is inspected.
    • Specify a notification policy: When an event is inspected, ARMS sends notifications by using the specified notification policy. You can select an existing notification policy from the drop-down list. You can also create a notification policy. For more information, see Notification policies.

Start and stop subscriptions

To disable or enable a subscription, click the switch on the right side of the Subscription Rules tab.