After you create a Prometheus instance, the system automatically creates basic dashboards. You can click Dashboard reset to reset the basic dashboards on the Dashboards page.


The services that you want to monitor are connected to Prometheus Service. For more information, see the following topics:


  • Upgrade all default dashboards with a few clicks.
  • If you want to restore basic dashboards to the default dashboards after you modify the basic dashboards, you can reset the dashboards with a few clicks.


  1. Log on to the ARMS console .
  2. In the top navigation bar of the Prometheus Monitoring page, select the region of the Prometheus instance whose dashboards you want to reset and click the name of the instance.
    Note You cannot reset the dashboards of Prometheus instances for cloud services by clicking Dashboard reset.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the Dashboards page, click Dashboard reset. In the dialog box that appears, click Reset. Then, all basic dashboards are upgraded to the latest version.
    Dashboards in Prometheus Service
    • If you click Dashboard reset on the Dashboards page, basic dashboards are reset and upgraded to the latest version. Custom dashboards are not reset. If you did not modify the basic dashboards that are provided by default, your business is not affected.
    • If multiple versions of a dashboard exist after the dashboard is reset due to environmental issues, click Upgrade in the Actions column to restore the dashboard. For more information about the operations that you can perform on dashboards, see View Grafana dashboards.