This topic describes third-party Java components and frameworks that are supported by Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS). If the components or frameworks used by the application that you want to monitor are not supported by ARMS, you must configure a universal filter to collect monitoring data.

JDK versions supported by ARMS

  • JDK 1.7.0+
  • JDK 1.8.0_25+
    Note If you deploy applications in Kubernetes clusters, we recommend that you use Java Development Kit (JDK) V1.8.0_191 or later.
  • JDK 11.0.8+

Java components and frameworks supported by ARMS

Note The ARMS integration with JDK V11 is in public preview. To use the feature, contact the official DingTalk account for ARMS (account ID: arms160804).
Component JDK 1.7 JDK 1.8 JDK 11
Aliware MQ 4.1.X+ 4.1.X+ 4.1.X+
Druid 1.0.0+ 1.2.4+ 1.2.4+
Daojia Service Framework (DSF) Not supported 2.1.X+ 2.1.X+
Dubbo 2.5.X+ 2.5.X+ 2.5.X+
Elasticsearch Rest Client 5.X+ 7.X+ 7.X+
Elasticsearch Rest High Level Client 5.X+ 7.X+ 7.X+
Feign Not supported 9.X+ 9.X+
Google HTTP Client 1.10.X+ 1.10.X+ 1.10.X+
GRPC-Java 1.15+ 1.15+ 1.15+
HikariCP 2.3.0+ 2.3.13+ 2.3.13+
High speed framework of Alibaba Cloud (Ali-HSF) 2.3.13+
HttpClient 3 3.X+ 3.X+ 3.X+
HttpClient 4 4.X+ 4.X+ 4.X+
Hystrix 1.5.X+ 1.5.X+ 1.5.X+
JDK HTTP 1.7.X+ 1.7.X+ 1.7.X+
Jedis 2.X+ 2.X+ 2.X+
Jetty 8.X+ 8.X+ 8.X+
Lettuce Not supported 4.0+ 4.0+
MariaDB 1.3+ 1.3+ 1.3+
MemCached 2.8+ 2.8+ 2.8+
MongoDB 3.7+ 3.7+ 3.7+
MyBatis 3.X+ 3.X+ 3.X+
MySQL JDBC 5.0.X+ 5.0.X+ 5.0.X+
OKHttp 2.X+ 2.X+ 2.X+
Oracle JDBC 10.2.X+ 10.2.X+ 10.2.X+
Play Framework Not supported 1.4.X 1.4.X
PostgreSQL JDBC 9.4+ 9.4+ 9.4+
RabbitMQ Not supported 2.1.X+ 2.1.X+
Reactor Not supported 3.X+ 3.X+
Reactor Netty Not supported 0.9+ 0.9+
Redisson Not supported 3.10.0+ 3.10.0+
Resin 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+
RxJava 2.X+ 2.X+ 2.X+
SchedulerX 1.2.0+ 1.2.0+ 1.2.0+
SofaRPC 5.4.X+ 5.4.X+ 5.4.X+
Spring 4.X+ 4.X+ 4.X+
Spring Boot 1.3.X+ 1.3.X+ 1.3.X+
Spring Cloud Gateway Not supported 2.1.0.RELEASE+ 2.1.0.RELEASE+
Spring WebMVC Not supported 5.0.6.RELEASE+ 5.0.6.RELEASE+
Spring WebFlux Not supported 5.0.0.RELEASE+ 5.0.0.RELEASE+
SQLServer JDBC 6.4+ 6.4+ 6.4+
Thrift 0.8+ 0.8+ 0.8+
Tomcat 7.X+ 7.X+ 7.X+
Undertow 1.3X+ 1.3X+ 1.3X+
WebLogic 12.X+ 12.X+ 12.X+

Configure a universal filter to collect data

If the components or frameworks of an application are not supported by ARMS, you can configure a universal filter to collect monitoring data from the application. To configure a universal filter, perform the following steps:

  1. Import arms-sdk-1.7.1.jar to the pom.xml file of the project.
    Note If you cannot obtain the pom.xml file, download arms-sdk-1.7.1.jar.
  2. Configure the filter of ARMS in the web.xml file.
  3. Log on to the ARMS console.
  4. Connect the Java application to ARMS. For more information, see Manually install the ARMS agent for a Java application.
  5. Restart the application for the configuration to take effect.