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Reset an app key

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017


For resetting a specified app key.

  • This function is intended for API callers.
  • A new key is automatically generated after you reset a key. You cannot set the key manually.
  • The password cannot be returned directly by this interface, and must be obtained from the password query interface.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Operation interface, which is a required parameter; value: ResetAppSecret.
AppKey String Yes The app key which is used for calling an API.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String ID of the current request.


Request example

  2. &AppKey=60030986
  3. &<Public request parameters>

Response example

XML format

  1. <ResetAppSecretResponse>
  2. <RequestId>CEF72CEB-54B6-4AE8-B225-F876FF7BZ015</RequestId>
  3. </ResetAppSecretResponse>

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId":"CEF72CEB-54B6-4AE8-B225-F876FF7BZ015"
  3. }