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Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017


Reactivates a custom domain name whose valid status is abnormal.

  • This API is intended for API providers.
  • A reactivation operation can be performed only after the problem prompted for the domain name exception is resolved.
  • If the valid status of a custom domain name is abnormal (generally the domain name is not filed or is listed in the authority’s blacklist), you cannot use this domain name to access APIs.
  • After the domain name is reactivated over this API, you can properly use this domain name to access APIs.

Request parameters

Name Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes Interface name, which is a required parameter; value: ReactivateDomain
GroupId String Yes API group ID, which is generated by the system and globally unique
DomainName String Yes Custom domain name

Return parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String Unique request ID


Request example

  2. &GroupId=927d50c0f2e54b359919923d908bb015
  3. &
  4. &<Public request parameters>

Return example

XML format

  1. <DeleteDomainResponse>
  2. <RequestId>6EF60BEC-0242-43AF-BB20-270359FB54A7</RequestId>
  3. </DeleteDomainResponse>

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "6EF60BEC-0242-43AF-BB20-270359FB54A7"
  3. }